Brian Carr's Movie List

This is mostly a list of movies I want to see and movies I have seen (so I know movies not to see again).

Look For: poltergeist 1982 poltergeist 3 1988 Psycho 4 1990 Psycho 1998 The Exorcist 2: The Heretic 1977 The Exorcist 3 1990 The Exorcist: The Beginning 2004

Aftermath 2018 Polish film, Kanopy
Arthur and the Invisibles 2018 inh rk
The Assistant 2020
Third Rock from the Sun series Eric
Ghostbusters Eric
Matrix Eric
Cliffhanger 2000 Eric
Monk Eric 2010 Season 8 disc 1 irq   skip 2.1-2 4.2 7.2

13 minutes 2021
American Assasin 2018 inh
American Renegades 2017 inh
BlackHat 2015  inh
Bomber 2018 elctr resrce
Cabin Fever 2016 inh
Clemency 2019 inh
Cult of Chucky 2017 inh
The Darkness 2016 inh
Dead Again in Tombstone 2017 inh
Deep Blue Sea 3 2020
Die Hart 2020 
escape room 2021
Eternals 2021 
Focus 2015 inh
Forever Purge 2021
Fortress 2021
The Front Runner 2018 irq
Fury 2014 inh
Ghostbusters Afterlife 2021
Greyhound 2020
Green Inferno 2015 inh
Hard Target 1993 inh
Hard Target 2 2016 inh
The Hitman's Bodyguard 2018 inh
I Lost My Body 2019  French animation
In Search of Fellini 2017 Kanopy
Incarnate 2018 inh
Indignation 2016
Jarhead 3: The Siege 2016 inh
Jungle Cruise 2021 
Just Mercy 2019 irv er
Klaus 2019 inh
Last Shoot Out 2021
Leave No Trace 2018 inh
The Little Stranger 2018 inh
The Lone Ranger 2016 eric inh
The Man With the Iron Fists 2012 inh
The Man With the Iron Fists 3 2015 inh
MoonFall 2022
Nostalgia 2018 inh er
No Time to Die 2021
On Chesil Beach 2018 inh er xxx
Rememory 2018 inh
Reprisal 2018 inh
Richard Jewel 2019
Riddick: Furyan Not released #4 ????
The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption 2012 inh
The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power 2015 inh
Searching 2018
SHOPLIFTERS 2018 inh er
Songbird 2021
Space Jam 2: A New Legacy 2021
Tales from the Hood 1995 inh
Tales of the Hood 2 2018 inh
Tales of the Hood 3 2020
Top Gun: Maverick 2020
The Two Popes 2019 inh
Universal Soldier, Day of Reckoning 2012 inh
The Wife 2017
Venom 2018
Warm Bodies 2013 inh
White Boy Rick 2018
XXX (2002) 
XXX: State of the Union (2005)
Zeros and Ones 2022
Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas 2021

About Adam 2000 inh
The Adderall Diaries 2016 inh
All I Wanna Do 1998 inh
Almost Human 2014 inh 
Riddick: Furyan Not released #4 ????
American Heist 2014 
American Honey 2016 inh
Amish Grace 2009 inh
Amos and Andrew 1993 inh
Another Earth 2011 inh
Apocalypse Now 2000
Are We Done Yet 2007 inh
Back Beat 1994 inh
Barcelona 2016 inh
Batman Arkham Asylum 2009 inh
Batman Arkham Origins 2016 inh
Batman versus Robin 2015 Animated inh
Beast of the southern wild 2012 inh
Being Flynn 2011 inh
The Better Angels 2014 inh Cathy
Blood Creek 2010 inh
The Blood Glacier 2014 inh
Broken Horses 2015 inh
Buried 2000
Burn, Hollywood, Burn inh
Call My By Your Name 2017 Cathy inh
Chasers inh
Clemency 2019 inh
Coach Carter 2005 inh
The Cold Light of Day 2012 inh
Company Heroes 2012 inh
Consuming Passions 1988 inh
Continuum 2015 inh
Contraband 2015 inh
The Conspirators 2010 inh
Crank2 2010 inh
Da inh
The Descent 2005 inh
The Descent Part 2 2009 inh
Desert Dancer 2015 inh
The Devil's Double 2014 inh
The Devil's Hand 2014 inh
Dope 2015 inh
Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse 2015 (1st chronologically) inh
Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire 2017 (2nd) inh
Dragonheart: Vengeance 2020 (3rd) inh
Dragon Heart 3 2015 The sorcerer's curse. inh
Dream Lover 2004 inh
The Driver 2014? Cathy inh
Dust Like Dandelion 2009 inh
Dying of the Light 2015 inh
The East 2013 inh
Eight Days A Week 2006 inh
Embrace of the Serpent 2016 watch online
The Empty Mirror 1999 inh
Enduring Love 2004, Obsession is Forever inh
Europa Report 2013 inh
Everest 2015 inh
Everybody Wants Some 2016 inh
Exposed 2016 inh
Extinction 2015 inh
The Faculty 1999 inh
The Final Girls 2015 inh
For Hope 1996 inh
The Forgotten 2005 inh
Fox Catcher 2015 inh
Frank and Lola 2016
From Prada to Nada 2011 inh
Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengenace 2006 inh
Ghost Rider 3 Goes Crazy in Europe 2006 inh
Ghost Rider 4 2008 inh
Ghost Rider 5 Back to Basics 2008 inh
Gimme Shelter 2014 inh
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan 3 - 2-15 inh
Good Luck Chuck 2008 inh
Hannibal Season 1 2021 reorder bad disc 1 (have 4)
Hannibal Season 2 2021
Hard Target 1993 inh
Hard Target 2 2016 inh
The Haunting of Molly Hartley 2008 inh
Henry's Crime 2011 inh
The Hi-Lo Country 1998 inh
Home Sweet Hell 2014 inh
Hunger Pains 2012 Satire inh
I am Bolt 2016 inh
Icarus 2017 inh
I'll See You in My Dream 2015 inh
Infinitely Polar Bear 2014 inh
Injustice 2016 inh
Injustice 2 2017 inh
Inside Out 2016 animated
The Invasion 2007 inh
It Comes at Night 2016 inh
It's a Big, Big World 2006 inh
The Intruders 2014 inh
Irrational Man 2014 inh
The Jane Austin Book Club 2008 inh
Jimmy's Hall 2014 inh
Killers 2010 inh
Krippendorf's Tribe 1998 inh
Knight of Cups 2015 inh
Ladrones 2015 inh
Laggies 2015 inh
Land Ho! 2014 inh
The Legend of Hercules 2014 irq
The Legends of Zorro 2006 inh
Life of Crime 2014 irq
Life on the Line 2008 inh
Little Indian Big City 1999 inh
Lockout 2012 inh
Love Rosie 2014 inh
MacBeth 2015
Magic in the Mirror (Fowlplay) 1997 inh
Magic in the Moonlight 2014 inh
Maid in Manhattan 2004 inh
Manh(a)ttan Nuclear Family 2014
The Mating Habits of The Earthbound Human 1999
Mean Creek 2005
The Mechanic 1976 2010
The Mechanic 2011
The Mechanic 2 Resurrection 2016
Meet The Deedles 1998 na
Memoir of a Geisha 2006 inh
The Men Who Built America 2012 inh
Mind Gamers 2016 inh
Misconduct 2008 inh
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 2015
Mr. Woodcock 2007
Mistress America 2015
Monster's Ball 2000
A Monster Calls 2016
The Mojave 2016
Mona Lisa Smile 2004
A Monster Calls 2015
Moonrise Kingdom 2015
A Most Violent Year 2014
A Most Wanted Man 2014
Mowgli: The Legend of the Jungle 2018
Mud 2012
Murder at 75 Birch 1998-1999 na
My Mom's New Boyfriend Fth2008
Next Day Air 2009
Next Stop Wonderland 1999
The Next Three Days 2010
NightCrawler 2015
No Escape 2015
Numerb 23 - 2007
Oblivion 2015
One for the Money 2015
Obvious Child 2015
On the Basis of Sex 2016
Only Lover Left Alive 2014
Pacific Rim 2016
The Padre 2018
Pariah 2011 inh
Parker 2012
The Passenger 2016 inh
Patient Zero 2018 inh
Playing By Heart 1999 inh
Point Break 1991 inh
Premium Rush 2012
Pretty In Pink seen
Priceless 2016 
Proxy 2013
The Prince 2015 inh
Pulling Strings 2014
Rambo III 1988
Rambo 2008
Rambo: Last Blood 2019
Ran (Japanese with sub-titles)
Reboot 2012 inh
Reckless Kelly inh
Robot and Frank 2012 inh
Revenge of the Green Dragons 2016 inh
Rogue Trader inh
San Andreas 2015
The School of Flesh 1998 inh
Season Of The Witch 2011 inh
Seven Psycopaths 2012
Sex, Love, and Cold Hard Cash 1993 inh
Shaghai Triad 1995 inh
Shaun of the Dead 2004 inh
Sherlock Holmes 2009 inh
Sin City, A Dame to Kill For 2017
The Space Between Us 2016
Sorority Row 2009 inh
Southside with You 2016
Stowaway 1936 inh
Summer Pasture 2010 inh
Supergirl 2016
Syrup 2013 lost
Tagget 1991 inh
Take A Stand 2016 inh
Tetro 2010 inh
Tracers 2015
Truth 2015
Up At The Villa inh
Unlocked 2017 Eric inh
Vatel 2000 inh
The Very Thought Of You 1944 inh
Watch It 1993
Winter's Bone 2000
Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom 2015 inh
10,000 BC * Inaccurate portrayal of pre-historic life, slavers traveled from Siberia (mammoths) through Africa to Egypt with rescuers following and leading a revolt.
10,000 km 2015 + Spanish movie about couple who stays apart for a year while girlfriend has residency in LA.
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared 2015 ** Forest Grump kind of story of guy who escpaes from his retirement home....
12 Monkees ** Time traveler tries to find information about plague for future (can't change past).
127 Hours 2011 + Guy trapped in canyon when climbing / hiking alone.
13 Hours 2016 **+  Dramatization of Benghazi attack, makes cahracters more real, nicely done
13 Going on 30 2005 *** 13 year old girl dreams of being 30, experiences it and then goes back to fix things. 
1492: Conquest of Paradise * Epic presentation of early American colonial period.
1917 (movie) 2019 ** Two soldiers sent across enemy lines to deliver critical message / orders.  Many encounters, one is killed.
20th Century Women 2016 *+ Suprisingly interesting drama of single mom in the 70's with teenage son.
The 33 2015 * Miners trapped after collapse / accident are rescued with world's attention.
40 days and 40 nights 1999 *+ Young man is messed up after break up, vows to go 40 days without sex, meets really nice girl, ...
45 Years 2015 + English film about elderly couple and their maturing relationship.
28 Days 2007 * Young woman, drug addict, forced into rehab for DUI etc, straightens her life out as she faces her issues.
3:10 for Yuma 2008 *+ Rancher helps take down gang of train robbers
7 Days in Entebbe 2018 * Dramafbout terrorist who hijack plane and try to negotiate with Israael for better treatment of Palestinians.  Israelis take over airport in Uganda and free hostages.
42 A True Story of an American Legend 2013 ** The story of the first black baseball player, Jackie Robinson
6 Days 2017 * Terrorist take over London embassy.
99 Homes 2015 * Dramatiation of the mortage crisis of 2010 and crazy repossessions in Florida, bad deals eating at the soul.
A Map Of The World ** Ordinary housewife accused of sexually abusing kids.  Turns life upside down.
A Night at the Roxbury + Comedy about 'loser' brothers who succeed in disco scene.
A Walk On The Moon + Wife vacationing in Catskills with kids has affair, gets caught, gets back with husband.
Abduction 2014 *+ High school student discovers his parents are agents, killed trying to protect him, exacts vengeance.
The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson 2017 ** Kidnapped pretty woman falls in love with her abductor over time, but later finds out he is a serial killer who normally kills his victims after seducing them.
Abominable 2019 * Computer animation about Abominable snowman who escapes in city.
Absolute Power *+ Burglar witnesses murder by very powerful person, blamed and hunted, proves innocence.
The Accountant 2017 *+ Two autistic brothers are raised as tough killers / accountants.
Ace Ventura, Pet Detective ** Spoof on police shows.  Classic.
Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls * Rescues great whjte bat in Africa.
Across the Universe 2007 + Enlish young man (Beatles musical) travels to U.S. to meet his father, stylized 60's experiences.
The Aftermath 2016 * Drama about Americans working in Germany after the war, unhappy couple who must host German couple, seek solace outside of marriage.
Air 2015 * Technicians maintain sleepers after chemical apocalypse, only enough oxygen for two hours maintenance every six months.  When module fails, one of the two must die.
Ad Astra 2019 * Farfetched plot about son rescuing father in orbit around Neptune with malfunctioning anti-matter power source that is threatening life on Earth.
The Adam's Family ** Funny movie in theme of old TV Series.  Baby gets sick.
Adam's Family Values ** Funny movie in theme of old TV Series.  Uncle finds love.
The Adjustment Bureau **+ Politiican and dancer meet and have special chemistry but 'The Adjustment Bureau' (guys in special hats) tries to keep them apart....
The Admiral: Roaring Currents Korean 2015 **+ In 1500's Japan invades Korea, Admiral given command of 12 ships to stop over 300.  Uses currents and whirlpool to sink 130+, lose zero.
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 1998
Alex Rider 2018 * Drama, young man (14) learns he is trained to be a super spy and avenge his uncle.
The Age of Adaline 2014 ** Young woman in an accident stops aging, becomes loner to avoid attention, finds romance
Agnes Brown + Life of Scottish widow with many kids.
Air Force One * Terrorist hijack Air Force One to get release of captured terrorist leader....
Aladdin 2019 *+ CGA animation of story with Will Snith as genie.
Alfie 2005 * Limo driver has numerous women, realizes the emptiness of it
All The Little Animals *+ Wealthy retarded young English man runs away to keep wealth.
Allied 2016 *+ WWII spy drama, German spy pretendds to be British agent, marries and falls in love with British agent.
Alien Quadrilogy
Alien 1999
Aliens 2003
Alien 3 2003
Alien Resurrection 2003
Alien Covenant 2017
Almost Famous ** Kid in high school loves rock and roll, becomes journalist for Rolling Stones, takes road trip, ...
Alphaville 1965 * French drama / detective move about aliens
Aloha 2015 ** Nice romantic dramatization of effort to weoponize space, stopped with happy endin
America:  imagine the world without her 2014 * Interesting presentation of 'populist' idealogy before Trump capitalized on it.
American gods, Season 1, Disc 1 2017 *+ Interesting mini series about black man who gets out of prison but strange twists.
American gods, Season 2, Disc 1 2017
Amazing Grace 2019 + Old video of Aretha Franklin....
American Sniper 2015 ** Story of Chris Kyle, American sniper in Iraq.
An American Werewolf * Two American young men are back packing through rural England when encounter werewolf, one is killed and haunts other who is werewolf.
Amistad *+ Trial from slave trade when illegal, federal court orders slaves returned to Africa, slave fortress in Sierra Leone (soon to be a British colony) destroyed 
Amor, Delor y Vice Versa 2008 *+ Spanish with subtitles, woman egineer dreams of stalker who she also stalks, very strange dark romance
Amour 2013 - Film in french (with English sub titles) about elderly couple
An American Tale *+ Animation of mice in historic England.
An Ideal Husband *+ Nice film about romantic intrigue in pre-WWII England.
Angels and Insects * 1900 or so English upper class love story.
Anna and the King *** Historical romance of English widow/tutor in Siam (Thailand) during 1860's.
Anomalisa 2016 animated - Pointless drama animated about a guy's mid life crisis
Apocalypto 2006 *** Historical action thriller about tribe captured by the Aztecs just before the Spanish arrive to overturn them.
Apollo 11 2019 - Combination of 60's video and audio from Apollo 11 mission.
Arctic 2019 * Man stranded in Artic after plane crash, overcomes endless troubles to save himself and his injured wife.
Anthropoid 2016 ** WWII Czech resistance assaninates head of local Germans ..... 
Argameddon + Predictable unrealistic movie about drilling on asteroid headed to Earth.
Argo 2012 * A dramatization of the Iranian embassy hostages and the escape of 6 who left the embassy.
Arlington Road *+ Man discovers his neighbor is terrorist.  Surprise ending.
Army of Darkness 2009 * Over the top action thriller about hero pursued by necromancer and thrown back into time into the crusades and fighting army of chessy undead, some tongue in cheek.
Arrival 2016 * Aliens visit, live beyond linear time, help us so we can help them later.
The Art of Self-Defense 2019 Dark comedy / drama about nerd who is mugged by motorcycle clan, tries to get gun to defend himself, but because of wait period enrolls in karate class, drops out of work.
Artificial Intelligence ** Robots made a children seek love in population restricted world.
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 2021 * Satire about guy with flawed character who has super powers to fight evil.
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2021 * Continues 
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 2021 * Continues with Ash's surprise daughter.
The Associate * Whoopi invents a white male pardner to succeed in finance industry.
At Any Price 2012 * Drama about troubles of modern farming.
AT ETERNITY'S GATE 2018 Willem Dafoe + Dramatization of the life of Vangoh.
Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me * 60's secret agent frozen to fight frozen super criminal.  Spoof on 007.  Pretty fun.
Australia 2008 ** Widow takes over cattle station in Australia and beats corrupt beef king through tough grit.
Avenged 2013 ** Pretty white woman brutally killed by redneck brothers, brought back by Indian shaman but soul comes with Apache Indian chief who vowed revenge on the same family.
Avengers: Endgame 2019 Eric * Avengers travel through time to get the stones, have super battle of good versus evil....
Avengers: The Infinity War 2018 * Super battle across the universe.
Avenger Dogs 2 2020 + Dogs have society with Avenger dogs as heros.
Away From Her 2008 *+ Husband puts wife in nursing home and suffers through her losses in decline.
Back Beat + Story of early years of the Beatles.
Backdraft 2014 *+ Drama about family of firefighters and political scandal, killing firefighters and closing firehouses.
Backdraft 2 2016 *+ Arson / fire investigator tracks fire for DOD missile, fake was burned....
Bad Boys ** Bank robbers pull off super crime.
Bad Moms 2016 *+ Mom in failing marriage had horrible time with two kids, finally runs for president of PTA.
Baggage Claim 2008 * Comedy about single flight attendant who wants a good husband.
Baghdad Cafe ** German tourist wife abandoned at desert motel/cafe.  Livens up place.
Basquiat + About black drug addict who becomes famous graffiti artist.
Batman v Superman, Dawn of Justice 2016 * Super villian forces Superman to fight Batman to save Clark Kents mom.
Batman versus two-face 2017 * Animated Batman in classical 60's style, condensed evil from super criminals creates two face who Batman turns.
Be Kind Rewind 2007 *+ Fun movie about small video store in poor neighborhood that has to turn things around or be evicted, starts making replacement videos on request.  Saves store.
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 2019 ** Dramatization of an encounter between Mr. Rogers and an expose journalist.
A Beautiful Mind *** Brilliant mathemarician (Nash) struggles with schizophrenia (halluncinating people and plots).
The Beast from 20,000 fathoms * BW classic of frozen monster released when bomb test melts ice.
Beethoven's 2nd - Kids flick about St. Bernard dogs as heros.
BeetleJuice 1988 -> 2008 Couple dies unexpectedly and haunts dream house.  Need to get rid of obnoxious new owners, gets help of BetelGueus.
Before Midnight 2013 + Random interactions of couple on vacation in Greece.
Beginners 2015 + Movie about gay son whose gay father just died of cancer and his recollections and experiences.
Behind Enemy Lines - Boring predictable movie about pilot shot down behind....
Being Human *+ Interesting collection of vigenettes abaout lovers through time.
Beirut 2018 * Drama about negotiations between Israel and PLO.
Ben-Hur 2016 * Story of two adopted brothers, one Jewish and one Roman in the period of Christ.
Bend It Like Beckham ** Young Indian girl in UK plays soccer against her families wishes.
Bender's Big Score ** Scammers use email viruses to take over company and steal code to time travel off of Fry's butt.  Steal all wealth from past, try to kill Fry, but he gets back.
Benny & Joon ** Nice movie about two odd kids who fall in love with each other.
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2012 *** English retirees try outsourcing to India.
Bicentennial Man *+ Andriod becomes human.  Quite predictable.
Big ** Boy wishes to be big and gets his wish....
Big Daddy * Irresponsible young man learns responsibility caring for five year old kid.
Big Bully *- Weak kid and bully grow with tables turned, works out in end.
The Big Short * 2015 Sort of documentary of people who saw the mortgage bubble coming and sold them short in 2007 / 2008.
The Biggest Little Farm 2019 ** Artistic documentary of couple who take over a farm and try to make bio-diverse and friendly.
Bikur ha-Tizmoret, The Bands Visit 2007 * Egyptian Police Band (orchestra) had concert in Israel, problems develop, stuff happends.
Billy Madison + Low brow humor about young man who goes through school again to win approval of his wealthy father.
Birdman 2014 + Has been actor, off broadway plays as comic book hero, makes it to Broadway and self destructs, loses touch with reality.
The Bishop's Wife *** Old movie about angel who falls in love with another's wife.
Black Panther 2018 * Marvel introduces black super hero, new king in Africa in ultra-modern / powerful isolated African country which appears to be backwards.
Black Rain *+sa Hard line cop sent to Japan and gets involved in cracking down on organized crime.
Black Sails 2017 *+ TV Series, Privates in New World just before revolution from rule of England.  They have the schedule of a Spanish gold firgate.
Black Sea 2015 * Rogue crew of Russians and English to recover lost WWII gold, crew conflicts lead to disaster and they get the gold but sink the sub.
Black Swan 2010 + New star with NY ballet has crazy demanding mother (failed ballerina herself) and breaks down under the stress of becoming the star.  
Black Widow 2021 * Introduces new Marvel character, woman with Russian background raised in U.S. under cover....
BlacKkKlansman 2018 * In early 70s black man recruited into Colorado Springs police, infiltrates KKK via phone, another white officer in person.  Personal dramas develop.
Blackout, The: Invasion Earth 2019 + Aliens invade Earth, use technology to make slaves of humans
Blackout Effect ** Attempt to blame plane collision on Air Traffic Controller when actually antiquated equipment.
The Blair Witch Project 1999 + Drama about team of young people trying to document the Blair Witch and purportedly found low quality tape of their demise.
Blast From The Past **+ Child raised in bomb shelter for 35 years come out.  Fun!
Bleed For This 2016 - Boxing drama.
Blind Fury ** Fun satire on blind vet who gets caught up in drug kidnapping.
The Blind Side *** Big black kid transfers to church school, adopted by teacher's family, great football player.
The Bling Ring 2015 * Dramatization of teens who broke into houses of wealthy and famous.
Blood Father 2016 *+ Teen daughter gets into serious trouble and turns to ex-con father.  They grow together as they face challenges together.
Blood Times 2014 Hippies run California vineyard.
Blue is the Warmest Color 2013 + French film, english sub-titles. French high school girl discovers she is lesbian.
Blue Jasmine 2013 - Self centered delusional woman screws up her life and that of those around her.  Ends up homeless.
Bombshell 2019 *+ Drama about the downfall of the Fox CEO for sexual harrassment.
Bohemian Rhapsody 2018 * Dramatization of life of Queen, a gay rock performer.
The Bodyguard ** Ex-secret service agent protects female rock singer.
The Book Thief 2008 ** The experiences of orphaned girl (mother was communist) in Nazi Germany.
The Bookshop 2018 * Story of single woman who opens bookshop in rural UK in 50's and problems she faces.  Works with and inspires young girl.
Born Yesterday *+ Self made bullying millionaire has reporter train his Vegas wife for D.C. society.
Bottle Shock 2009 * Hippies in California run vineyards and develop world's best wines.
Bounce 2000 **+ Flight crashes after passengers swap tickets.  Shallow sales guy lives in place of solid family guy, wants to offer condolences to family falls in love....
The Bourne Legacy 2015 *+ Spy is 'burned', turns table on corrupt bosses.
The Box Trolls 2016 ** Fun movie in the style of claymations about sinister plot blaming innocent boxtrolls for stealing babies.
Boy Erased 2016 + Drama about boy whose parents try to change him from being gay.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas *** Historical drama about life of family of commander of concentration camp and the dimlemmas they faced.
The Boy Next Door 2015 * Suspence Drama about woman separted from husband who has affair with 'boy next door' who becomes obessed with her, stalks her, attempts to kill husband....
Boyhood 2015 + Boy grows up with divorced parents, different stuff happens.
The Brave One 2007 *+ Female pod journalist is beaten as her boyfriend was beaten to death by robbers, gets gun and becomes vigilante.
Break Point 2014 * Middle age brothers who had been good at tennis when kids are stalled in their lives, partner up for the tennis opens, get straightened out.
Breakthrough 2019 - Teen falls through ice into lake and is found after 20 minutes, in coma but recovers fully, Christian theme.
Brian Banks 2019 * High school football player falsely accused of rape, but later goes on to play in the NFL when 'victim' revises testimony.
The Bridesmaids - Logn time friend of bride is Maid of Honor while her life falls apart.  She is very narcissistic and self serving but still things turn out alright for her.  Go figure! 
Bridge of Spies 2015 *+ Lawyer defends Russian spy and later arranges trade for Blackbird pilot.
Bridget Jones Diary 2000 *+ English single woman finds love after humorous failures.  Destiny?
Broken City 2013 Mayor hires ex-cop PI to investigate his wife, needs to cover up murder, but won't
Brooklyn 2015 * Irish imigrant settles into Brooklyn around 1925 it seems.  Finds romance in U.S., returns to Ireleand to visit, goes back to U.S. wiser.
Brother's Keeper + Documentary to old backward farmer's trial for killing his brother.
Burnt 2015 + Burnt out chef makes come back, lacks focus, repays debts, acheives success
The Butler 2013 ** Black man taken as house servant after father murdered, becomes butler in White House, continues through Obama as president.
The Bye Bye Man 2016 ** Drama about a demon a haunts anyone who says oe hears his name, 'Bye Bye Man', as a kind of infectious madness leading them to anyone who has heard or read the name.
Cabin by the Lake *+ Serial killer is writer who drowns / kills girls as research in lake where there is special effects crew.  They discover bodies, save girl....
Cairo Time * Married woman finds romance in Cairo with busy husband, but it is only a short fling.
Call of the Wild 2020 ** Dog stolen in U.S., shipped to Alaska during gold rush, becomes phenomenal lead dog.
Camelot *+ Classical King Author epic, big budget movie.
CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? 2018 * Angry disgruntled writer has no money and is desperate, starts forging letters from famous people, teams up with homeless gay guy, gets caught, writes book about her experiences....
Canadian Bacon + Satire, president manufactures war/tension to maintain popularity, almost war with Canada
Captain America: The First Avenger 2011 *
Carol 2015 ** Divorcing woman in 50's has affair with younger woman, risks losing access to her daughter....
Casino Jack 2011 + Drama about DC lobbyist who pushes the limits, ends in joil for fraud, ....  Quite predictable and depressing.
Casino Royale * James Bond, recent movie, early in career, catches terrorist climbing building under construction, poker game to fund terrorism.
Cast Away ** FedEx executive stranded on island, learns new sense of time.
The Castle ** Independent Australian family fights airport right of way.
Catch and Release 2006 *+ When fiance dies, woman discovers things about his past, learns about him and herself.  Grows.
Catch Me If You Can *+ Young con man becomes pilot, tracked by FBI (check fraud).
Cedar Rapids 2011 + Comedy? New devoted insurance salesman gets sent to represent company in competition.  Gets involved with sex, drugs, and bribery.  Straightens out and starts own agency. 
Celeste & Jesse Forever 2012 + Young couple divorces, drama about their issues as they develop separate lives.
The Cell ** SF story about getting information from comatose serial killer via shared dreams.
The Cider House Rules * Life of orphan at isolated orphanage in Maine.
Chappie 2015 * Robotic cops used in South Africa to deal with gang violence, one defective unit made conscious, others are hacked, disabled
Cheaper By The Dozen * Predictable slap stick comedy on underlying theme of problems of balancing career and family.
Chef 2015 * Movie from India, part in English, part in Hindi, about chef in NY who has anger issues, is divorced, gets fired, returns to India and bonds with his son through cooking.
Chocolat 2000 * Atheist woman opens chocolate shop in conservative French town.
Chronicles of Riddick *** 2004 #2 Follow on to Pitch Black, Riddick is last of Furians, all others killed by Necromonger whose death was foretold by an oracle by a Furian, killed all other Furians, Riddick kills him, becomes leader.
Citizen Ruth ** Woman who wants abortion becomes center of political dispute.
City of Angels *** Angel greets souls of dying, falls in love with woman doctor, becomes mortal.
CJ7 2008 Japanese with sub titles, boy with poor father, mother died, struggles in school.
Clara's Heart ** Jamaican nanny helps troubled son through difficult times.
Clay Pigeons + Young man in Texas encounters serial killer, FBI, strange involvements.
Clear and Present Danger 1998 * Drug cartel pirate ship, kill everyone aboard, U.S. siezes millions, cartel stikes back, makes deal with CIA to betray soldiers who aren't suposed to be in Colombia
Cloud Atlas 2012 ***** Skips between scenes from U.S historical to far future, same people acting out persecution of good people and their continued resistance, sometimes success.
COLD WAR 2018 Pawlikowski + Drama of arts in Poland early in cold war.
Collateral Beauty 2017 * Head of ad agency loses daughter and loses interest in work.  Partners try to help
Colors ** Two policemen work with controlling gangs in LA.
Colette 2018 * Historical drama about woman whose husband is unfaithful and gambles and spends extravagantly.  She starts writing under a male pseudonym but laer finds she is a lesbian and breaks cultural norms in traditional Paris.
Coma 2020 ** Scientist uses patients in coma to build an altered reality for them to live in, using them to create a paradise
The Commuter 2018 Police detective fired and commuting home, gets bribe task to find passenger who is critical witness, has to protect witness from police...
The Company You Keep 2012 ** FBI arrest 30 year fugitive, Albany reporter expands.
The Coneheads ***+ Life of coneheads (aliens to conquer Earth).  Very funny.
Consenting Adults ** Con man arragnes nightly trading of wives with neighbor, fakes murder of his wife for insurance...
Contact ** SETI astonomer receives plans for interdimensional device.  Only transports mind.
Contagion 2011 * Epidemic played out, surprisingly realistic.
The Contender 2000 * Process to choose new vice president, smear attacks.
The Contract 2006 **  Contract killer escapes from U.S. Marshals and ex-cop / teacher tries to bring him to authorities.
Control 2004 * Death row inmate given chance to live if he undergoes chemical treatment.
Cookie's Fortune *+ Life in small town when elderly woman dies.
The Corruptor 1999 * Drama about white cop who goes under cover for IA in China town.
Creed 2015 + Drama about illegitimate son of famous fighter who discover who his father is and takes up boxing.
Criminal 2016 *+ Criminal injected with memories of dead terrorist with important secret codes and such.
Critial Condition * Flaky businessman caught up in mob arrest, feigns insanity, in major storm proves himself.
The Crossing Guard * People deal with death of girl by drunk driver.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon **+ Kungfu classic, dubbed English, great choreography of fights, beautiful scenery.
The Crow 2011 * After terrible murder, crow doesn't take soul to its next phase but instead gives father / husband as zombie to exact vengeance on the murders...
Crybaby ** Woman professor teaching about serial killer is stalked herself.
The Crying Game ** British soldier kidnapped by IRA, held hostage.
Cuja * Friendly St. Bernard dog is bitten by bats becomes rabid, kills and then terrorizes a family.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Apt 3w 2008 **+ Drama about baby who is born seeming very old, but who appears younger, in better health, as he grows older, depression through miillenia
Curse of the Talisman + Predictable horror about cursed talisman and high school/town attacked.
Dallas Buyers Club 2013 * Rodeo rider finds out he has aids, 30 days to live, homophobic, struggles to get drugs, troubles with FDA, ....
Dances With Wolves ** Calvary soldier lives with indians when misdirected in orders.
Dangerous Liasons **+ Portayal of deceitful seductions in times past.
The Danish Girl 2015 + Drama about Danish woman artist in early 1900's married to gay transvestite. He has sex change operation but dies.
Danny Collins 2015 * Aging rocker gets undelivered letter and connects with his son / past.
Dark City ***+ Humans in city where each night people's memory and city is altered.
Dark Descent 2001 * Drama / suspense about miners dying in underwater mining operation.
Dark Shadows 2012 *+ Jilted lover / witch kills finace of ex, makes into vampire and inprisons ex for 200 years.  Destroyed previously wealthy family, ex returns and destroys her.
Darkest Hour 2018 * Dramatization of Churchill's first few days at start of WW2.
Daybreakers 2010 ** Austalian thriller about world where vampires dominate the world but are starving as there are not enough humans but huamn sympathizer learns cure from exposure to sun, and vampire biting cured human turns human...   Interesting twists.
The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008 * BW Classic, aliens visit Earth with unmatched technology and let us know we must live in peace or be destroyed.
Days of Thunder ** Classic underdog story of stock car race car driver.
Dante's Inferno - Very predictable volcano destroys town after scientists predicts it....
The Dark Night Rises *+ Gotham series movie continuation, super criminal, Bane, takes over Gotham with threat of H-bomb, Batman saves city, fakes death ...
Dead Calm *+ Couple rescues mad killer at sea, ...
Dead Poet's Society *** Radical teacher teaches kids independent thinking.
Deadpool 2016 Marvel mutant cured from cancer by treatment makes him very ugly but unkillable, gives up girlfriend tracks down creator.
The Deep Blue Sea 2011 + Historical WWI drama romance after WW2, an affair between the wife of a high court judge and a former RAF pilot.
Deep Blue Sea 2012 * Enhanced sharks take over the ocean lab where they were captive, kill almost everyone before they are killed.
Deep Blue Sea 2 2018 * Drama with intelligent sharks continues.
Deep Shock 2003 * Alien electric eels colonize Earth transforming Earth to their aquatic environment.
Deepwater Horizon 2016 * Dramatization of Deepwater Horizon disaster origins.
Demolition Man * Cop frozen then thawed in future to capture nemesis.
Denial 2016 *+ Drama about trial in UK denying holocaust
Desierto 2017 * Dramatization mostly in spanish about the the hardships of young people coming across the southern border.
Departures 2008 ** Japanese film (sub-titles) about cellist who is fired, needs to take up being an undertaker to support his sweet, lovely wife.
Despicable Me 2010 ** Fun animated movie about super villian who is not very effective and uses orphans in plot but gets attached to them. Fun in Road Runner kind of way. 
The Devil's Advocate **+ Attorney gets tempted to accept deal with devil.
Devoured: The Legend of Alferd Packer 2005 * Grad student investigates old gold rush cannibal / murderer who made deal with devil, lives forever but always hungers for human flesh, all go in old mine and terrorized.
The Diary of a Teenage Girl 2014 - Drama about underage teen who has sex (her choice) with mom's boyfriend and her inscurities.
Digimon, The Digidestined Child + Japanese animations of Digimon universe.
Disclosure ** High tech executive fights way out of merger intrigue.
The Dish 2001 * Australian Dish attenna receives TV signal from moon landing.
Disobedience 2018 * Lesbian woman marries Hassidic Jew and pursues normal life, is tempted and gives in to her desires....
Divergent 2013 *+ Future city assigns all citizens to one of five factions based on personality in order to best serve society, preserve the peace (after decimating war previously).
 Allegiant Divergent Series movie 3 2015 *+ Revolution to restore freedom
 Insurgent 2014 Divergent 2 *+ Ruling party tries to hynotize control of military, fails
Doctor Sleep 2019 **+ Sequel to the Shining about girl who has psychic abilities but encounters evil coven of vampires who feed on the pain and death of people with the Shining.
Doctor Strange 2016 *+ Marvel meets Tibetan buddhism, NY doctor pulled into astral dimension, defeats lord of dark dimension
Dog Day Afternoon + Bank robbery goes bad for first time robbers, take hostages....
A Dog of Flanders ** Boy artist has tough life, but all turns out great.
Domestic Disturbance * New step father to troubled boy turns out to have criminal past, ....
Don't Open Your Eyes 2018 - Horror movie, health care worker takes care of old woman in very isolated cabin, she dies and he is haunted, unexplainable ending.
Don't Say A Word 2001 * Thriller about criminals who kidnap psychiatrist's daughter.  Not very plausible.
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead + Teenagers fantasy about taking care of themselves (five kids) while mom is on vacation and the babysitter died.
Dora and the lost city of gold 2019 *+ Fun action movie about teen hispanic girl with explorer / professor parents who finds lost city with gold.
Down in the Delta **+ Black woman struggling in Chicago heads back to Mississippi where she connects with her family's history (stolen silver candle holder) and finds her way.
Down To You * College lovers break up (met to soon), then get back together.
The Drifter - Engaged woman has affair with hitchhiker, fiance hires wacko to find out if she is cheating (he is)....
Draft Day 2014 * Drama football draft
Dragonheart: You will believe 1996 *+ Last dragon teams up with knight, collects bounty, finally leads rebellion and defeats evil king.
Dragonheart: A New Beginning, 2000 * Young dragon fulfills phophecies and restores honor to dragons, kills hidden evil dragon. 
Dragonfly ** Pregnant wife/doctor dies in jungle, haunts husband to get him to retrieve their daughter who survived
Dr. Dolittle * Boy gives up talking to animals, starts again when unhappy as adult, doctor.  Starts talking to animals again.
Dreamgirls 2006 + Drama about black singers in the 60's.
Dredd 2016 *+ Futuristic view of violent future where cops must dispense justice on the spot.
The Duel 2011 * Historical drama about English nobility and their lives 
The Duel 2016 *+ Texas Ranger investigates town to track down murders.
The Duff 2015 'Designated Ugly Friend' about high school.  Girl realizes she is DUFF, helps football player do better in school while he helps her become non-DUFF.  They become good friends and see past superficial...
Dune 1998 * Original 70's movie about first volume of Dune Trilogy
Dune 2001 * Mini series with volumes 2 and 3 of Trilogy
Children of Dune 2003 * Mini series with volumes 2 and 3 of Trilogy
Dune 2021 * Mini series with volumes 2 and 3 of Trilogy
Dunkirk 2017 * Dramatization of Churchhill and first months of WW2.
Eat, Pray, Love 2010 *** Recently divorced writer / woman takes trip to Italy, India, Indonesia (Bali) and ....
Eden 2014 - French film about techno music fan who becomes DJ, becomes successful, then 
The Edge * Wealthy man target for killers in Alaska.  All stranded in wilderness.
The Edge of Seventeen **+ Nice comedy / drama about 17 year old odd girl whose best friend starts dating her popular brother.
Elizabeth * Story of complex 'love' life of Queen Elizabeth.
Emma *+ English colonial period piece about young woman who developes maturity and finds love.
End of Watch 2015 + Body cam style video of LA cops and there day to day experiences.
Enders Game 2013 ** Young children trained to lead space battles against formics, telepathic ant like aliens.  Pretty true to book, nice special effects.
The Endless Summer + Travel docuementary around the world surfing.
Enemy 2015 + Man seeks out his exact double with strange twists.
Enemy At the Gate ** Russian sniper in Stalingrad becomes hero, has duel with German sniper.
Enemy of the State ** Congressman killed for opposing imagined future Patriot act, caught on video, efforts to suppress, hooks up with ex-NSA guy, loses tape, turns things around.
The English Patient *+ WWII patient is dying, recovers memories of before, ....
Entourage 2015 - Dramatization of making of movies, very cliche and superficial.
Eraser **+ U.S. Marshal protects witness from weopons dealers.
Escape From L.A. * Repressive U.S. government exiles criminals to L.A. (now island after earthquake).
Everybody's Fine 2009 - When all kids cancel on visiting, retired newly widowed father goes to visit kids.  Blah!
Evil Dead 2 2000 + Rather formulaic horror film about lost 'book the dead' which allows eveil spirits to enter our universe with supernatural powers and, finally, banishes them back to their own universe.
Ex Machina 2016 **+ Hermit computer genius creates AI and human like robots on private estate, invites computer expert to estate to evaluate whether they are conscious.  Creator is holding AI's captive and one gets the guest to let her go free.
Executive Decision * Terrorists have nerve gas on hijacked flight which is boarded in flight.
The Exorcist 1973 * Drama about girl possessed by demon, exorcised by priests....
The Expendables 2010 * Classic action movie with Stallone as mercenaries attempting overthrow of Latin American dictator.
The Expendables 2 2012 * Stallone leads another theft with Asian woman while his friend held hostage.
The Expendables 3 2014 * Stallone leads another hostage rescue that goes South, turns out OK. 
Extraction 2016 * Action / drama about device which can control all nukes in the world and falls into terrorist hands.
Eye of the Needle *+ German spy in England in WW2 discovers Normandy invasion, ....
Eyes of Laura Mars * Artist photographer starts having visions of violence, changes her theme to violence, attracts deadly stalker who becomes source visions, ...
Eye in the Sky 2016 * British civilians participate in approval for ballistic misile attack on terrorists with risk of casualties.
Face Off * Cop and criminal swapped places.
Fall of Legends 1994 + Gorgeous young man is hero, acts impulsively and childishly creating misery and suffereing for those around him, not sure why he is considered hero and not villian.
Fallen *** Demon goes from person to person killing and taking new bodies.
The Family Just Got A Little Stranger (Adam's Family) **+ Uncle falls in love, kids go to camp.   Great fun.
The Family Man 2001 **+ Successful investment manager gets a glimpse of what he is missing by living the life he would have lived if he had put his college fiance ahead of career.
Fantastic Beasts 2 2019 (the crimes of Grindelwald) * Fun drama from Harry Potter series with wizard on the out....
Fantastic Beasts 2017 (and where to find them) *+ Magic and Harry Potter world in roaring 20s, Brit wizard brings magical beasts to NYC where they are banned by local U.S. magic authorities.
Far and Away * Irish upperclass woman and poor criminal run away to America for free land.  Fight then fall in love.
Farscape ** Exodus From Genesis - Colony of roaches invade space ship.
         *+ Throne for A Loss - Rigel kidnapped for ransom.
       b ** Back and Back and Back To The Future - Ship caught in time loops
         ** Thank God It's Friday, Again - Planet enslaved growing mind control drug/food.
       c ** DNA Mad Scientist - lab specimen becomes super intelligent through DNA manipulation.  Turns tables...
         ** They've Got A Secret - Moyer (the ship) is pregnant and gets morning sickness....
The Fault in our Stars 2013 * Two teenagers with cancer meet in a support group, fall in love, struggle....
Faulty Towers + English comedy about hotel run by couple
THE FAVOURITE 2018 * Historical drama about queen's court in England when war with French and issues of taxation.
Fearless + Man survives plane crash mostly unscathed, then faces traumas.
Fences 2016 * Life of a poor black family in the 60's / 70's....  
A Few Good Men *+ Pvt. killed thru hazing (Code Red) in Marines and low ranking enlisted tried as scape goats
Fierce Animals *- Zoo taken over by corporation, must increase profits.
Firefly 2003 **+ Original series made into a movie and series of adventures.
Fight Club ** Story about man in rut who starts fighting club, later terrorist group.  Interesting twists.
The Fifth Element ** Seemingly helpless girl is saviour of human race.
The Fifth Estate 2013 *+ Recreation of wikileaks origins, based on lies and secrets itself, wikileaks exposes the lies and secrets of others
Fill the Void 2013 + Hassidic girl navigates through arranged marriage to older man, a widower of her older sister.
Fire Over England + Old movie with intrigues around sinking of Spanish Armada.
The Firm ** New lawyer gets tied in with unscrupulous firm.
The First Purge 2018 * Desperate future US government schedules lawless period in Staten Island as experiment to vent violence and reduce population pressure.
The First Wives Club ** Funny movie about three divorcees who turn things around.
Fist of Legend (Jet Li) * Kungfu movie about Japanese/Chinese tensions before WWII in Shanghai.
A Fistful of dollars *+ Famous western trilogy #1, two bounty hunters work together to bring in gang who are going to rob bank in El Paso.
Five Feet Apart 2018 * Drama about two patients in hospital with Cystic Fibrosis.
Flashback 1990 2002 * FBI agent (raised as hippy, now very straight) escorts hippy prisoner to trial, loses him, but get turned around as hippy fakes own death.
Flight of the Intruder 1991-2003 * Drama about Navy bombers toward the end of Vietnam.  Makes bomb attack on restricted target.
Flirting With Disaster + Adopted son goes with wife to meet real parents, corny complications arise such as wrong parents....
Florence 2016 + Drama about singer who presents concert...
Fly Away Home 1996 ** Abandoned / destroyed geese nest is taken by 13 year old girl who cares for geese, and, with her father, takes them to U.S..
The Fly *+ Teleportation device gets inventor mixed up with fly when transporting.
The Fog of War + Remininences of McNamara, mostly rehash of old tired ideas.
For a few dollars more * Famous western trilogy #2, two families fighting in town that is suffering, one arranges massacre of U.S. and Mexican soldiers for gold and guns, Clint Eastwood sets thing right
Ford v. Ferrari 2019 * Dramatization of Ford company's entry into racing in 1960's.
For Love of Olivia ** Black man falsely accused of murder.
The Foreigner 2018 * Chinese film with Jacki Chan, Vietnam vet takes on the IRA, fun action drama
Foul Play * Comedy. Complex assasination attempt on the pope.
Four Weddings and A Funeral *** Couple meet at wedding but don't pursue it, then realize they love each other but ....
The Fourth Protocol *+ British and Soviet intrigue about spy sent with with nuclear bomb, all plot to advance the career of two leaders, one on each side.
Fraility *+ Father kills men based on what God tells him, involves his two sons only one of which hear voices also.  Younger son kills older son who is blamed for the murders.
Free Fire 2016 * Drama about IRA disputes in 70's / 80's and conflicts.
Free State of Jones 2016 ** Drama about dissent in South in civil war and plight of poor whites and blacks. 
French Kiss ** Nervous and shy woman goes to Paris to be ditched by her fiance, gets revenge and finds new love.
Friday Off + Comdedy about life in the hood (black neighborhood).  More ordinary view of life.
Fright Night 1985 * Teen boys discovers vampires, but no one believes him.  He tries to kill them finally enlisting support of Vincent Price, clasic vampire hunter in movies.
From Paris With Love 2010 * Drama about junior diplomat who is used by his new fiance in terrorist bombing plot, brought into world of brutal espionage.
Frozen 2017 * Disney animation about queen who has uncontrolled magic of freezing things, her sister saved by true kiss, ...
Frozen 2 2019 * Continuation fo story as grown woman, had been girl.
Fruitvale Station 2013 + Young black man's life and family before he was shot accidentally by police at Fruitvale Station in CA.
The Funeral ** Japanese funeral (sub-titles).  Interesting picture of Japanese life.
Fury 1936 * Classic B&W movie, man escapes lynch mob and being burned to death, seeks vengeance....
Galaxy Quest 2000 *+ Satire on Star Trek, actors at sci-fi conference taken by real aliens on adventure
Gallipoli * Experiences of Australian freinds in WWI in Middle East.
Gamer 2010 * Death row inmates allow their body to be controlled in a bloody game world controlled by gamers, one breaks free.
Gangs of New York 2000 ** Long drama about racial infighting in NYC during civil war, politics of Tamminy Hall, etc..
Gangster Squad 2012 ** LA cops turn vigilantes and fight orgainzed crime in 50's.
The Gatekeepers 2013 * Documentary / interviews of Israeli / Palestinian problems Israeli intelligence perspective.
Gattica ***+ Genetic typing used to predict so many things, future astronauts assumes fake identity.
Gemini Man 2019 * Excellent assasin encounters his clone, drama about loyalties, father, etc.
Get on up 2015 * Dramatization of life of James Brown and his life.
Get Out 2018 *+ Black guy invited to visit parents of white girlfriend who has black servants who are 'zombies' with consciousness of other family members transferred into their body and 'girlfriend' actually wants to use him to preserve her grandfather.
The Getaway *+ Wife makes deal to get her husband out of prison, rob bank, get to Mexico.
Ghost * Banker killed to cover up money laundering by 'friend'.  Stays as ghost until sets things right.
Ghost Rider 2002 ** Daredevil motorbike rider makes deal with devil, becomes opponent of evil.
The Ghost and the Darkness ** Two man eating lions delay construction of railway bridge in Africa.
Ghost in the Shell 2016 ** Dying woman had brain transplanted into machine to become weopon
Ghosts of Mississippi ** Trial of KKK murderer 25 years later.
The Girl in the Spider's Web 2018 * 
The Girl on the Train 2017 * Woman cmmuting on train is an alcoholic but turns out to be victim of ex-husband and his abuse, telling her she did things she didn't do...
Glory ** Story of black regiment in civil war.
Gods of Egypt 2011 *+ Battle between two brothers, gods of Egypt, one evil and powerful, the other good.  An ingenious human helps restore the good brother to power.
The Goldfinch 2019 * Dark drama about boy with troubled past and his life as a antique forger / sales and pursuit of old painting.
Gone With The Wind ***+ Civil war epic about forlorn lovers.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly **+ Two outlaws and a bounty hunter look for chest of gold.
Good Will Hunting *+ Unrealistic portayal of physics super genius from poor background.
Goodbye Girl **+ Single actress and daughter are forced to share apartment with guy.  ...
The Grand Budapest Hotel 2015 ** Quirky story of lobby boy and conceirge for very psoh hotel through WWII.
Grandma 2014 * Young woman turns to her Grandma for help to get an abortion and they become close through many trials.
Gravity 2013 * Astronauts stranded in space holocaust....
The Great Gatsby 2012 **+ Drama about excesses of the roaring 20's, long love of Gatsby and his dreams for her. 
The Great Santini + Classic 60's movie about air force pilot and family in 50's.  Quite predictable.
The Greatest Showman 2017 *+ Musical of start of Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth
Green Room 2016 - Low budget drama about struggling band trying to make it big, gets caught up with diabolical club owner... 
Green Book 2018 *+ Black pianist goes on tour in deep south during Jim Crow laws.  Takes Italian tough guy as driver, they have adjustments to each other but become close friends.
Greenland 2020 * Meteorite hits Earth but select people evacuated to bunkers in Greenland.
The Grey 2011 * Drama of crashed plane in wilds of Alaska as wolves pick off the survivors one by one.   Depressing.
The Grifters * Young kid learns to be grifter, depressing.
Gringo 2018 * Dark comedy about corporate types who betray each other for a buck, fake kidnapping in Mexico.  Innocent Nigerian gets caught up in some bad stuff, but finally turns out OK and goes home.
Groundhog Day ***** Weather announcer stuck in same day until he gets it right.
Guardians of the Galaxy 2015 ** Group of four misfits come together to save the galaxy, similar to Riddick.
Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Galaxy Won't Save Itself 2017 ** Fun with nice graphics, guardians stop to fight villian from destroying the universe. 
The Gunman 2016 * Assasination of government official in Nigeria goes bad and the shooter has to disappear leaving his wife.   He comes backs and fights to get her back.
Guns, germs, and steel 2005 * Documentary about why some cultures dominated others through history.
The Guns of Navarone + WWII commandos destroy Nazi naval guns on Greek occupied island.
Hacksaw Ridge 2016 ** Dramatization of experiences of CO SDA in WW2 and his difficulties and heroism in saving wounded soldiers.
Halloween 1978 roku Kid kills babysitter, then as adult breaks out of prison and goes on killing rampage.
Halloween 2019 *+ Sequel of original thriller.  Woman and psychologist obessed with killer and he escapes.
Hamburger Hill * Vietnam 1969, experiences of group taking hill from NVA.
Hannibal 2001 *+ Follow on to Silence of the Lambs.
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters 2013 ** Kids grow up and hunt witches, are actually children of white witch.
Happy Gilmore *** Hocky player goes into golf to save family home from foreclosure.  Very Funny.
The Happytime Murders 2018 * Muppet satire of detective movies with puppets as minority discriminated against.
The Harmonists *+ Subtitled, German (half jews) singing groups experiences before WWII.
Harold and Kumar 1 Whitecastle 2006 + Straight laced guy and jerk get high and make trip to Whitecastle 
Harold and Kumar 2 Guantamano Bay 2008 + Charged as terrorists on way to Amsterdam, crash wedding and get girls....
Harriet 2019 ** Slave runs away when mistreated and returns to free her family.   Famous for her courage and trust in God.
The Hateful Eight 2015 *+ Two bounty hunters and a sherrif to be caught in blizzard on way to town trying to take in woman to hang while her gang try to kill them and set her free.
He Named Me Malala 2015 * Documentary of life of Malala, the Afghan girl who went to school and was shot, now speaks out for girls / women and education and independence.
He's Just Not That Into You (2009) * Single woman shares with single bar tender
The Heat 2013 ** FBI agent and Boston cop (both women) team up to catch drug czar.  Funny, action, drama. 
Hearts In Atlantis **+ Psychic befriends boy, hunted by F.B.I
Heist 2015 * A long time casino employee is forced into a heist to get money for his daughters medical treatment, there is a screw up and they make get away in a bus with cops chasing.  Bad cop wants to get the money back as it is mafia money being laundered.
Hell or High Water 2016 - Drama about West Texas bank robbers who steal only loose cash from small banks and old Texas Ranger who tracks them down....
Hellboy 2019 *+ Nazis open portal in desperation, allow entry of baby, named Hellboy, who grows to fight occult enemies, protect life on Earth...
Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 1988 (Roku) *
Hellraiser: Revelations 2011 (Roku) *
Hello, My name is Doris 2015 + Single woman in accounting at upbeat firm has crush on handsome young man at firm, ...
The Hero 2017 + Drama about old movie actor who is remembered for one part, can't move forward.
Hidden Figures 2016 **+ Nice dramatization of black women who worked in early NASA.
The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard 2021 * Satire / comedy about ex-bodyguard who is forced to protect hitman and his wife....
Highlander 2 The Search for Vengenace 2007 + Low quality animation
Highlander * Original story line for series
Highlander Endgame 2000 * Drama about immortals who kill each other by cutting off anothers head, one breaks rule of 'sanctuary', private battle between two immortals.
Hyde Park on Hudson 2015 * FDR's has local mistress in Hyde Park, tensions arise and are resolved.
High School High * Satire about dorky upper class teacher who teaches at ghetto high school
The Highlander + Cool graphics, poor plot about immortals who kill each other by cutting off each other's heads.
Hitch *+ Will Smith sets up romance for single men, falls in love, but his trickster ways interferes with romance.
Hitchcock 2013 *+ Dramatization of Hitchcock's gamble to produce Psycho which was far beyond norms of the time.
The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey 2012 * Hobbit and 12 dwarves (refugees of fallen home) start on quest...
The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies 2014 * 
Hoffa + Life of Jimmy Hoffa.
The Holiday 2007 *+ Two unhappy single women exchange houses for the holidays, rural England and LA.  They sort out their past relationship issues and find healthy relationships.
Hoodwinked 2005 *+ Computer animation retelling Little Red Riding Hood as a crime mystery with different back stories for each player.
The Horseman on the Roof 1996 * French - Italian revolutionary in France survives the cholera plague.... 
Hotel Mumbai 2019 * Dramatization of Islamic terrorists who take of hotel in Mumbai.
Houdini 2014 * Houdini's life partly from self descriptions and with dramatic graphics of the details of his techniques.
The House of Yes 1999 Interesting variation of finace meeting family, wealthy family, normal girl, crazy twin sister (Jacki-O)...
Housesitter *+ Woman takes over empty house pretending to be new wife, they get caught up in lies and finally marry.
How Do You Know 2010 * Nice drama about young woman who struggles with who she loves, ...
How Stella Got Her Groove Back * 40 year woman dates 20 year old man.
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 2019 * Disney CG animation of saving dragons, taking them to land of dragons.
The Hudsucker Proxy 1999 * Naive new guy made president of a hard line corporation, stylized from 30's.
Hunger Games 2012 *** Future society requires tribute of one boy and girl each year from each district to fight to death until only one lives. 
Hunger Games, Catching Fire 2013 ** Winners last year too popular, inspiration to revolution.  New games set with only winners from previous games.  Girl brings down force field, ends games, and is saved by leaders of the revolution.
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 ** Revolution ...
Hunter Killer 2019 ** Russian sub sabotages in Russian coup, American special ops and American sub rescue Russian president in complex intrigue. 
Hurly Burly + Meaningless interactions of druggies a al Pulp Fiction but without violence and less vulgarity.
The Hurt Locker 2015 * Dramatization of bomb units experience in Afghanistan.
Hybrid * Man injured in industrial accident gets replacement eyes from a dog.
I Am Mother 2019 ** As world is poisoned an AI is set up to protect thousands of embryo and raise them when the world is better, first daughter encounters survivor woman and rebels against robot which she thinks of as mother, ...
I, Frankenstein 2014 * 'Monster' created without soul is target of demons for army of undead for them to control, released from hell, Gargoyles in hidden battle with demons.  'Monster' developes soul and kills leader of demons, helps stop demon army.  
I Love Trouble ** Male and female report compete to scoop story, but fall in love.
I Love You To Death * Italian husband cheats a lot, but gets caught ....
I Smile Back 2014 - Drama about addicted affluent mom and her trials.
Identity Thief 2013 Comedy, A Denver businessman chases an Orlando thief who stole his identity and ruined his credit rating with a huge spending spree. When the local authorities refuse to arrest her, he heads to Orlando to personally capture her and deliver her to the police.
IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK 2018 + Drama about young teen black mother and the trials of the father in prison falsely.
The Imitation Game 2015 **+ Interspresed scenes from Alan Turing's life as boy picked on at private school, building first computer to break German Enigma codes in WWII, and homosexual mathematician afterwards.   
Impostor 2001 *+ Aliens send genetic identical agents to replace people and with nano technology use them as bombs.
In the Bedroom + Interactions of a family, not memorable.
In Country *+ Daughter investigates father who dies in Vietnam.
In the Heart of the Sea 2015 ** Nice dramatization of Melville and basis of Mutiny on the Bounty
In The Line Of Duty ** Secret service agent becomes target of assasin.
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone * Kid learns to be a magician but is a real jerk as adult, career tanks but learns humility and service, gets girl and makes audience disappear.
INCREDIBLES 2016 * Couple of ex super heroes retire to the suburbs until the family is required to defeat a super villian.
INCREDIBLES 2 2018 *+ The family continues adventures.
Inequality for All, Robert Reich - Boring diatribe by failed liberal economist repeating the standard sound bites and unfounded conclusions.  Very biased and self serving.
Inherit The Wind + Drama about first evolution in schools trial.
The Innocent ** Just after WWII Englsih engineer and German national fall in love, torn apart by intrigues.
Insomnia ** Top murder detective from LA sent to Alaska with pardner to solve serial murder, under pressure from IA, can't sleep, accidentally kills pardner, covers it up.
Internal Affairs * Corrupt cops investigated.
Interstellar 2010 * Sci-fi drama about world running out of resources discovers worm hole by 5 dimensional beings, small team tries to start colony, discovers how to master gravity for migration to other worlds.
Interview with a Vampire *+ Life history of vampire from New Orleans, 1790.  Accurate portrayal of Anne Rice book.
Intimate Power ** Rebellious French girl sold into slavery, into harem of Ottoman Sultan, becomes powerful.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978
The Irishman 2019 * Dramatization of Jimmy Hoffa's life and disappearance in Mafia.  The Irishman is JFK.
Ironman * Defense contractor held captive, redirects corporation.
Inside Job 2010 * Documentary of home loans bubble in 2008.
ISLE OF DOGS 2018 * Strange Japanese Claymation style movie about dogs given manufacturer virus and deported to Isle of Trash, redeemed when cure from evil corporation revealed.
The Island ** Clones raised for organs, secretly made conscious, false memories, told there was a contamination and they are waiting to win lottery to go to the island (killed for organs).  Two escape...
It 1990 Stephen King * Evil in sewers murders kids, draws them in, six young kids stop it while older thugs killed by it.
It: Chapter Two 2019 *+ The previous kids come back as adults to revisit their past...
It's a Mad Mad Mad World * Classic movie about escaped criminal / prisoner who dies in crash, tells group where $350K is hidden, all race to get money.
Jack the Giant Slayer 2016 Legend originated with war between giants and mankind, crown which rules giants, beans rediscovered along with crown, bad man tries to rule mankind through giants and crown, killed and crown restored to Jack....
Jack Reacher, Never Go Back 2016 * Action movie about ex-military MP who gets involved in plot to import heroine from Afghanistan
Jackie Brown ** Airline stewardess gets into trouble bringing money into country.
Jarhead 2005 *+  Experience of new marine as he goes to Iraq and the anti-climatic effect of Desert Storm
Jarhead 2: Field of Fire 2014 *+ Classic action drama about marines escorting woman out of Afghanistan
Jerry MacGuire **+ Agent for sports players starts own business, find love as he grows through difficult times
Joe 2014 * Drama about problems in poor white South with violence and drinking, young teen gets work killing undesirable trees.
Joe Gould's Secret * Newspaper writer popularizes homeless person writing oral history of the world.
Joe Versus the Volcano 1990 *+ Early Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie, hyprochondriac in awful job is diagnosed to have only six months to live.  Agrees to jump into volcano (has to be done once every hundred years to save island).  Finds and marries love, turns life around.
John Tucker Must Die 2006 * Basketball star dates three girls who plot revenge.  Remake wallflower for their revenge.
John Wick 2014 * Action drama about organized crime leader who retires and had life with wife, but when wife dies a young henchman (son of boss) steals his car and kills his dog.  John kills henchman and takes down boss.
John Wick Chapter 2 2017 * Continuation of theme, a little repetitive.
John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum 2019 * Continuation with whole organization opening contract against John....
Johny Stecchino **+ Very funny comedy (sub-titles) about Italian wimp who looks just like mobster.
Jojo Rabbit 2019 *+ Drama of odd ball young boy in Hitler's Germany and porblems he faces with Jewish girl hidden in attic.
The Joker 2019 *+ Failed clown and comedian degrades into madness, possible origin story for the Joker.
Joy 2015 w Jennifer Lawrence *+ Housewife invents new mop, sells on QVC and becomes successful. 
Judy 2019 + BBC dramatization of life of Judy Garland and her problems with drinking, drugs, etc..
Julie & Julia 2009 ** Parallel development of life of Julia Child as she wrote cook book and blogger who made all 525 recipes in a year.
Jumanji 1995 ** Game brings jungle adventures to life, spans 26 years, everything returns to normal when finished.
Jumanji Next Level 2019 * Game continues with next generation.
The Jungle Book *+ In India, young man of jungle is super hero (blinding speed, firends with animals) takes treasonous British soldiers to treasure
Jungle Book 2016 * CG animation, darker dramatization, Mogi must return to humans and faces many trials.
Jupiter Ascending 2015 Three siblings control galactic empire, sister goes to Earth to gain control of it.
Jurassic Games 2018 ** Virtual reality games for convicted killers, only one can survive, ...
Just My Luck 2006 ** Pretty young woman with great luck meets nerdy guy with unbelievable bad luck.  They kiss and trade luck....
Kick-Ass 2010 *+ Teenage nerd tries to be superhero, Kick Ass, gets beat up, becomes YouTube famous, real heroes Hit Man and Big Daddy, bring down crime boss.
The Kid 2000 *+ An unhappy and disliked image consultant gets a second shot at life when an eight year old version of himself mysteriously appears. 
The Kid Who Would Be King 2019 + High school kid discovers he is descendant of King Arthur and leads magical fight of high school students against ancient enemies to save the world.
Killer Rats 2003 * An institute for wealthy drug addicts is actually home to super intelligent rats created as research but then abandoned except by lab assistant....
The King's Speech ** Speech therapists teaches England's new king to overcome stuttering in England's hour of need.
Kingsman: The Secret Service 2014 * Street kid becomes super spy, rejected, too kind, saves world in end.
Kingpin * Corny movie about professional bowlers....
Kiss of the Spider Woman * Complex intrigue about two prisoners, one political and one 'faggot'.
Kontiki 2013 * Dramatization of 1950 voyage by raft from Peru to Polynesia, possibly how pinapples made it to Polynesia.
Knives Out 2019 *+ Murder mystery about evil family trying to get their father's inheritance and innocent care giver.
Knock Knock 2016 - Drama about two women caught in rain and ask help from man alone working over weekend while family is away.  Women seduce him and then terrorize him.
Knowing 2009 * Sci Fi Thriller
Khumba 2013 * South African coputer animation about half striped zebra in magical watering area who leads searh for another water hole.
Kundun ** Nice story about life of Dahli Lama.
Kubo and the Two Strings 2015 * Japanese animation, boy loses eye and his mother uses magic to change his toy into a guardian to fight evil attacker...
L.A. Confidential * Mafia in L.A., plays on Dragnet image.
La La Land 2016 * Drama about jazz and people's challenges in life.
Labyrinth 2006 * Jimmy Hendrix plays fantasy bad guy in teen girl's fantasy about taking care of her baby brother.
Labyrinth of Lies 2015 * German drama about young prosecutors who takes on prosecution of German soldiers for war crimes.
Ladies in Lavender 2004 Two old English sisters help Polish storm wrecked young man return to strength.  They develop crush on him but he leaves with beautiful artist to pursue his career as a violinist.
Ladron Que Roba A Ladron - To Rob A Thief 2008 - In spanish with english sub titles, man who is kidnapped plans robbery of kidnappers.
The Lady in the Van 2014 *+ English film about old woman living in a van who parks in front of writers house and ends up in his driveway....
Lady Eve ** Funny B&W film about con woman who falls in love with her shill.
Lady Hawke * Betrayed and cursed lovers are each hawk/wolf by day/night.
Lady In White ** Nice movie about little boy who helps stop serial killer with help of a ghost.
The Lady Vanishes ** Alfred Hitchcock movie about vanishing woman and everyone on train denies she was ever there except another woman.
Lassie 2019 * Dog of poor family bought for wealthy daughter, returns home even when taken to Scotland.   Cruel dog keeper replaced by family.
The Last Airbender 2010 *+ Fire clan has taken over and tries to quash the last airbender, the avatar who can learn all magic....
The Last Days 2014 * Spanish (English subtitles) drama about pandemic with gives everyone fatal agoraphobia (they die of trauma if they go outside).  New babies of survivors don't have fears, rebuild civilization.
Last Night + Experiences of people on last night before Earth destroyed.
The Last Witch Hunter 2015 ** Nice action movie about ancient war against a different race with magic, the witches and an immortal hunter.
Lathe of Heaven ***+  BBC Sci-fi movie about man whose dreams alter reality.
Learning to Drive 2015 + Sikh immigrant instructor teaches divroced woman how to drive.  They support each other and move on with their lives.
Leap of Faith **+ Con man revivalist loses cynicism with real miracle.
Leatherheads 2008 *+ Fun dramatization of early pro football in the U.S. about a famous college star who takes off a year to play (and promote games).  Female reporter confirms star exagerrated his WW1 war experiences.
Legend of the Fall * Romantic movie about a woman and three brothers who love her.  Boring and predictable at start, but more interesting toward end.
Lemony Snickets, A Series of Unfortunate Events 2005 **+ Fun Jim Crarie movie about orphans and plot to steal their wealth.
Lexx TV Series: 
  Series 1 1997 ** Misfits fulfill the prophesy of retribution against an ancient evil empire and escape to an alternate universe.
  Series 2 2000 * Wander in universe of light fighting mantrid until mantrid converts entire universe to clones and destroys universe (too much matter too close)
  Series 3 2001 * Wander in dark universe (ours)
  Series 4 2002
Liar Liar ** Lawyer has to go a day without being able to lie.
Life ** Two NY blacks wrongly convicted of murder.
Life After Beth 2014 *+ Zombie outbreak causes boys girlfriend to come back to life, but her feelings change (very angry) and gets 
The Life Aquatic - Movie about fictional marine research research vessel and documentary.  Appears to be an inane satire on Jasque Costeau documentaries.
Life in Flight + Married construction contractor falls in love with designer he works with.
Life Is Beautiful ** Movie about happy Italian jew who was put in concentration camp with son and made it a game for him.
Life of Pi Zookeeper * Man stranded on life boat has fantasies about his survival with tiger on board....
The Lighthouse 2019 + Two men share light house, memories, ....
Lillies of The Field B&W Movie about German nuns building chapel in NM.
Limbo **+ Interesting movie about life in Alaska.
Limitless 2011 * Drug gives period of super intelligence but wears off and leaves groggy, man struggles with addiction and challenges of getting supply of drug.
The Lincoln Lawyer 2011 ** Defense lawyer thinks he had inneocent client (for once), but it turns out he is very evil client.
The Lion King 2019 * Remake of Disney classic with amazing CGA.
Little Black Book 2004 *+ New producer on day time TV has her investigations into her boyfriend's ex's as surprice on, gets job with Diane Sawyer, meets Carly Simon
The Little Princess **+ Shirley Temple, little girl's father MIA in WWI.
A Little Chaos 2015 + Historical drama about English nobility life.
A Little Princess ***+ Remake, little girl's father MIA in WWI
Little Women 2019 * Historical drama about group of women befoe suffrage.
Live By Night 2017 * Gangster from NJ moves to Florida takes over run business during prohibition, is Spanish with negro girlfriend deals with race / KKK.
Live Die Repeat or Edge of Tommorrow 2014 *** aliens invade, central control can reset time, hero catches the reset ability.
The Lobster 2016 + Fantasy about mistreatment of singles, hotel where singles are kept for 45 days to find a partner or they are turned into the animal of their choice.  Several escape to enforced single group but a couple decide to escape to the city as a couple and marry.   Very strange.
Local Hero * Odd movie about negotiator for oil company who must buy town in Northern Scotland
The Lone Ranger 2006 * Start of old TV series.
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels + English comedy about mix ups for stolen shotguns.
Locke 2015 - Engineer has overnight drive in car while his lover has his baby, preparing for cement pour of skyscraper, and confrontation with wife.  All is in car and on phone.
The Lodge 2019 * Strange dark drama of kids left snow bound in old lodge and start with tricks which lead to madness, killing father on his return.
#Looper 2012 ** Complex drama about old 'looper' or time assasin who was sent back in time to be killed by new mafia boss (in future) but survives and tries to kill mafi boss as a young kid (has developing telekinetisis abilities) which creates bitterness of the mafia boss, when the young looper kills himself the loop is broken.
Long Kiss Goodbye ** Woman with amensia gradually remembers she was assasin.
Lorenzo's Oil * Movie about developing treatment for boy with serious nervous failure.
Lost In Yonkers ** Brothers stay with Grandmother and Aunt during hard times of WWII.
Love and Other Drugs 2011 Drug rep goes over the top, falls for woman with Parkinson's, she goes to Canada for cheap drugs.  They decide to stick it out.
Love and Treason + Escpaed convict has code to control any computer system.
Live By Night 2017 * Drama about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and his battles with mental disorder and overbearing father, new love helps him strike out on his own.
Love Me or Leave Me + Singer gets help from minor mobster.
Love Potion Number Nine **+ Fun movie about two scientists who discover very love powerful potion.
Loving 2017 * Drama about bi-racial couple who can't marry in deep South, go to Supreme Court.
Lucas *** Nerdish boy (12?) falls in love with new girl in town (High School).
Lucy 2015 *** Young woman forced into being a drug mule, gets overdose of new drug, become superhumn from drug, stops drug cartel, becomes enlightened.
The Machinist 2005 * Psychological thriller about worker in machine shop who goes mad with insomnia, involoved in co-workers accident losing left arm.  His sanity degrades until remembering that a year before he had killed a boy in an accident / hit and run.
The Mechanic Resurrection 2016 * Action movie, arms dealer holds hostages to force Crain to assinate his 3 competitors in SE asia.
Mad Dog Glory ** Indentured young woman comes between straight single cop and loan shark.
Mad Dog Time + Gangster gets of insane asylum and sets off long series of shoot outs.
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 2014 *+  Tale of love gone wrong and betrayal, includes basics of Snow White.  
Mama *+ In bitter divorce, father kidnaps two girls and in desperation is about to kill the younger when an 'evil' force kills him and takes care of the girls.
The Man from UNCLE 2015 * Back story for Man from UNCLE TV series.
Man of Steel 2016 ** Interesting retelling back story of Superman, great graphics.
The Man Who Knew Too Little 1998 * Dull friendly American visits relatives in England, put into 'real life theatre', gets involved of satire of spy thriller.
The Man Who Know Too Much * Alfred Hitchcock 1955, American family drawn into overseas assasination plot.
The Man Who Wasn't There * B&W Barber in 50's goes from very boring life to blackmail, murder, ....
The Man With the Iron Fists 2 2015 * Chinese action movie with Thai martial artist.
The Man with One Red Shoe *+ Spoof about fude between CIA bosses uses man chosen at random as bait (thought to be super spy).
Manchester by the Sea 2016 + Low budget film festival drama about young brother who is handyman in Boston but who becomes guardian for teenage nephew when older brother dies.
Mandela, A long walk to freedom 2013 *+ Dramatization of life of Nelson Mandela, good historical perspective.
Manhattan Murder Mystery - Classic Woodie Allen movie about complex murder.
Manon of the Spring **+ Subtitled Greek woman discovers she has water rights to town.
Mansfield Park * Young woman of poor background is raised in upper class family in 1800 England.  Makes it on her own.
Mao's Last Dancer 2009 *+ Girl of 11 selected to learn ballet, ...
Marie Antoinette 2006 * Historical drama of Marie Antoinette.  More sympathetic to Marie, but not very well put together.
Marnie * Alfred Hitchcock movie about con woman who overcomes childhood traumas.
Marnie Was There 2016 animated * Japanese animated.  Teenage girl is depressed, developes friends.
Marriage Story 2019 + Dramatization of couple who divorces with a young child and the normal issues that come up.
Married To The Mob *+ Widow of mobster suspected by F.B.I., gets into the midst of the action.
Married Life 2007 * Fifties style movie about married couple who aren't happy, have affairs, husband starts to murder wife but reconsiders when his lover breaks up with him, their marriage gets better.
The Martian 2015 * Storm causes them to abort mission, leave early, leave on astornaut behind thinking him dead, lost in storm, he survives and they rescue him. 
MARY POPPINS RETURNS 2018 * Mary Poppings returns when the now grown kids are in trouble after their father's death and a loan that is in default, must find bank shares....
MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS 2018 * Dramatization of Mary's difficulties maintaining independence in Protestant and Catholic appeals.
The Mask 1994 *** Mask allows wearer to become whatever they want.
The Mask of Zorro * Old Zorro retires, trains new Zorro and they work together, save CA ...
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 2004 * Historical drama about sea war between France and England around 1805, mostly about sea life with some Darwin's experiences.
Matchstick Men 2003 * Black comedy about con men in LA.  Divorced father connects with 14 year old daughter, teaches her to con.
The Matrix **** People trapped in virtual world while AI machines use them as energy sources.
Max Payne 2008 * NY policeman investigates murder of his wife and child.
McLintock! * 1963 John Wayne Western about wealthy rancher getting back back with estranged wife.  A little funny.
McQueen 2018 - Documentary of artist.
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 2015 * Loner guy in high school makes friends with girl with leukemia, makes home movies.
The Mean Season * Serial killer chooses newspaper writer as contact, terrorizes him and girlfriend.
Meet The Parents * Comedy about male nurse who meets strange parents of fiance.  Father is paranoid but in the ends all works out.
Megamind 2011 ** Fun animated comedy about super villian who finally defeats nemesis, creates new super hero to fight who turns evil, becomes super hero...
Memento 2000 *+ Drama about ex-cop / investigator who can't make new long term memories.
Men In Black ***+ Very funny spoof on UFO's.  Surprisingly consistent in premises.
Men In Black II *** Continues with agent brought back from retirement.
Men In Black International 2018 *+ Continuation with black woman as new agent, fights threat from within MIB.
MI-5 2016 * Action drama about complex traitor / double agent, terrorist plot. 
Miami Blues *+ Murderer and ex-con arrives in Miami and assumes identity of victim, hooks up with prostitue and tries to start a regular life, pretending to be 
Mile 22 2018 + Confusing and chaotic spy thriller and FBI raid on Russian safe house, triple cross agent ....
A million ways to die in the west 2014 + Satire of westerns, drama of sheep farmer who doesn't like violence and his problems in West.
The Miracle Season 2019 + Women's volley ball team has great season.
Mirrors 2008 * Demon traps souls in mirros, kills people.
The Messenger *+ Story of Joan of Arc.
The Mexican *+ Interesting tale about U.S. organized crime and antique gun in Mexico.
Michael ** Angel helps two low life reporters get together.
A Midsummer Night's Dream 1935, 2007 + Classical rendition.
Midway 2019 ** Drama about events leading up to the battle of Midway in WW2
Mimic - Far fetched and predictable SciFi horror movie about super insects.
Minority Report *** Cool movie about 'precogs' who predict murders which are then prevented; infallible?
The Miracle Maker - Clamation history of Jesus.  Lacks depth.
MIRAI 2018 * Japanese animation with English audio about young boy and his growth to accept the challenges of a young baby sister and their place in the family.
The Mirror Has Two Faces * Ex-lovers get back together (Barbara Streisand)
MirrorMask 2006 * Teeneage girl caught in fantasy world, learns responsibility
Mission Impossible 2 * Super virus stolen, tracked down and destroyed.
Miss Congeniality * Rough woman cop goes undercover as beauty pageant contestant.
Missing Link 2019 * Animation of abominable snowman who gives up hiding and seeks 'big foot'....
Moglie e Marito 2017 *+ Italian with English subtitles, fun comedy / drama about husband (brilliant neurosurgeon) and wife (news anchor) who are unhappy in marriage, swap bodies...
A Month By The Lake 1995 * Two elderly singles vacation by a lake in Italy before WW2 and finally connect, have romance.  
Moondance Alexander 2009 * Girl with single mom takes care of horses, gets to ride in exchange, enters jumping tournament
Money Talks * Comedy about street black who gets mixed up with serious diamond ring.
Monk 2010 Season 1 disc 1 irq
Monsignor * Priest in WW2 caught up Vatican financial woes, uses black market, etc..
Monster In Law ** Manipulative mother tries to interfere with son's romance/wedding.  Becomes war.  she finally gives in and is included in family.
Monster's Ball *+ Odd story about small town people and execution's impact on their lives.  In style of Sling Blade.
The Monster Squad 1987 * Kids form 'Monster Squad' find diary and fight monsters to defeat evil.
Moonlight 2016 + Drama about life of black boy as he grows up in poverty, drugs, etc.
Moonlighting 1982 ** Polish workers imigrate to UK as cheap illegal workers.
Mortdecai 2014 + Silly satire of whining English painting P.I..
The Morning After * Drunkard actress wakes with dead body in bed with her.  Unravels frame with new love.
The Mountain Between Us 2017 * Two people survive small plane crash in mountains in Colorado, have to survive in the wild.
Mosquito Man (or Mansquito) 2005 * Mosquito borne virus creates havoc, researcher searching for cure
Motherless Brooklyn 2019 * Drama about investigative reporter looking into 'urban renewal' and corrupt city politics.
Mr. Holland's Opus ***+  Music teacher has big impact on students.
Mr. Jones 1993-1999 *+ Man with mental disorders developes relationship with his therapist.
Mr Right 2015 ** Fun movie about contract killer who gets morals and then kills people who try to hire him, meets girl and they finally take on killing together.
Moulin Rouge *+ Odd movie about Bohemians in Paris around 1900 and cortesan who falls in love with poor writer.
The Mummy (Remake) 2017 * Egyptian mummy (mummified alive) brought back
Muriel's Wedding *** A nice funny Australian movie about a spoiled girl who learns to take responsibility.
Music of The Heart 1999 * Divorced mom takes inner city job teaching violins...
My Best Friend's Wedding ** Old friend tries to break up wedding.
My Life So Far + Experiences of boy brought up on English estate.
My Own Private Idaho - 1991 Strange movie about gay male prostitutes and psychadelic drugs.
My Super Ex-Girlfriend 2006 * Young woman with super powers is way crazy, won't accept break up, ....
Nebraska 2013 *+ Middle Aged man takes road trip with senile father who believes he won a million dollars in magazine sweepstake.
Neighbors 2014 + Young couple with baby have house, but house next door is bought by fraternity.  Crude humor about tensions that result.
The Net 2007 *** Woman computer nerd finds backdoor into security system and gets into serious trouble with faked computer records.
Never Been Kissed *** Reporter goes undercover as high school student, finds love with teacher.
The Next Three Days 2010 * Mom and wife convicted of murder, husband her out of jail and they with son to a new life out of country.
The Newton Boys * Poor farmers turned bank robber during roaring twenties in Texas.
Nikita * Teenage boys parents are 'sleeper' KGB spies.  Caught in murder/blackmail intrigue with F.B.I..
Night of the Living Dead 1968 * Early zombie movie, forerunner of many to come.  Radiation from space mission to Venus creates zombies of recent dead.
Nightfall 2009 - Horror, FBI agent encounters vampire.
Nightwatch 2000 + Law student is night watchman at morgue / coroner building.  Serial killer frames him, surprise is coroner.
Nights In Rodanthe * Recently separated wife and an estranged surgeon find romance in a storm (hurricane).  Reforms lives, surgeon killed.  Clearly separated woman's perspective, the rest of the characters are superficial.
Nine Months + Comedy about unmarried couple who deal with unwanted pregnancy, very formulaic.
Nixon 2008 *+ Dramatic rendition of Nixon's downfall.  Infers more than is known.
Nocturnal Animals 2016 * Convoluted plot in plot about estranged couple and novel by separated husband.
North * Good kid is ignored by others, gets to choose other parents.
North By North?East ** Alfred Hitchcock early 60's.  Early spy movie about a real person getting mistaken as faked person.  Has scene with biplane firing machine gun into corn field (classic).
Now and Then * Four early baby boomers teenage girls grow up, stuff happens, ....
Now You See Me 2018 * Contrived group of magicians involved / solve bank robbery.  Lots of glitzy magic tricks.
Nurse Betty 2001 * Waitress witnesses murder of her cheating husband, fantasizes about soap opera doctor.
O Brother Where Art Thou 2000 * Silly comedy about chain gang prisoners in depression era who escape and have adventures looking for their hidden loot.
Office Space 2002 * Computer programmer for heartless company, quits trying, is promoted, defrauds company, building burns, changes job.
Old Dogs 2010 + Business man finds out he has kids, twins 7, takes over his kids with his business partner for a weekend.
The Old Man and the Gun 2018 *+ Three polite older men rob banks ...
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2019 + Drama, period piece from 60's in Hoolywood with middle aged TV western actor who is struggling, encounters Charlie Manson hippies.  Strange.
One Fine Day ** Two busy single parents start out at odds, but hook up at end of long day.
Operation Finale 2018 Dramatization of the search for and trial of Aldolf Eichmann
Ordinary Love 2020 + Older couple deals with issues of getting old and dieing.
The Other End of the Line 2012 An employee at an Indian call-center who travels to San Francisco to be with a guy she falls for over the phone.
Outlander ** Spacefarer crashes on Earth, brings alien who survived slaughter when its planet was colonized.
Pain and Glory 2019 + Spanish film about the life of a declining film director.
Papillon 2018 *+ Dramatization of convicts sent to French Guinea and his hardships and eventual successful escape.
Paranormal Activity 2007 + Drama of low quality video of when couple sleep and evil menace stalks them at night.
Parasite 2019 *+ Korean with subtitles in English, Poor Korean family lies to ingratiate themseleves into wealthy family, betrays orginal young student who gave them an opening, and it goes crazy bad.
The Parent Trap * Twins separated when parents divorced get parents back together.
Passing Glory 2006 *+ Black priest coaches black Catholic basketball team in the deep South during integration, first game with white team.
Patch Adams ** Voluntary mental patient for suicide finds purpose in helping others, goes to Med School, very bright but very different.
Paterson 2016 + Life of poet / bus driver in Paterson, NJ
Patriot Games *+ American family becomes target of radical splinter IRA group.
Patriots Day 2016 
Pawn Sacrifice 2015 * Dramatization of Bobby Fischer and his success and trials in chess.
Peeples 2013 * Comedy, single woman who brings home her boyfriend to meet her family (all are black).
The Pelican Brief *** Law intern discovers plot to assasinate supreme court justices.
Peppermint 2018 * Woman's husband is killed by brutal drug dealer and police / justice can not convict him, she then takes out those who killed her husband as a vigilante / dark hero.
The Perfect Storm 2009 * Crew take fishing boat into storm to keep from losing fish.
The Perks of Being A Wallflower 2015 + Experience of teen boy and his first year in high school and the various challenges of developing new friends.
Persepolis 2007 *+ Animated French film about girl raised in Iran from Shah through revolution and war.
Pet Sematary 2010 *+ Movie variation of Stephen King novel about location where buried pets and people come back to life but they are different, evil.  First cat is brought back, kills daugher who kills mom who kills dad, and all kill son.
Peter Rabbit (aka Rebel Rascal Rabbit) * pixelated rabbits movie putting romantic / more human motivations behind this classic 
Phantoms 1998 * Town wiped out by ancient creature that retains everything it absorbs.  Thriller / horror / ...
Phenomemom ** Man sees UFO/lights and gets phenomenal intellect/powers then loses them.
Pink Panther 2006 * Classical physical humor of clumsy detective.
The Piper 2015 *+ S. Korean movie with dubbed English.  Late in moview we learn that during Korean war, leper colony taken over by villagers fleeing communists.  Villagers force lepers into cave where they are eaten by rats who then return to the village and plague them.  They ask travelling piper with his son who has tuberculosis to rid the village of the rats which they do.  The chief then betrays the piper, poisons son, and piper releases the rats who eat all adults, piper traps the children in the cage in his misery. 
Philomena 2013 + History of Irish woman's attempt to reunite with her son who was taken away, sold into adoption in U.S. by disapproving Roman Catholic church.  Quite formulaic.
Pitch Black 2000 *+ Riddick #1, Spaceship crashes on planet previously colonized, all killed, in dark flying raptors come out.  Act like pyrannas, harmed by light.  Reddick escapes, most others killed.
Picture Perfect * Woman ad executive invents fiance for career.  Falls in love.
Pirate Fairy 2014 Disney Animation * Young fairy rebels against the establishment and innovates with fairy dust, risks major loss to pirates.  Turns out as heroine.
Planet of the Apes ** (Remake) 2001 Astronaut crash lands on planet after time/space storm, finds primitive apes ruling primitive humans, ...
The Player *** Movie about movie producer whose crime becomes a movie.
Point Break 2015 * Crazy story about criminals on mystical quest of extreme sports, 8 ordeals, total nonsense but impressive videos.
Poltergeist II *+ Evil leader of old cult haunts family.
Poseidon 2006 * Cruise ship hits reef, turns upside down and passengers try to escape.
Possible Worlds 2000 * Man travels between possible worlds always loving same woman, encounters serial killer who takes brains....
Postcards from the Edge  Actress gets out of drug rehab, stays with mother, does movie....
Power TV Series  Season 1 disc 1 2017 - Predictable drama about brutal life of high end drug dealers, organized crime.
... season 6
Predator ** Alien comes to Earth to hunt in war torn region, super soldier beats alien.
Predator 2 ** Alien comes to Earth to hunt in LA drug war, cop beats alien.
Premonition 2007 *+ Woman lives the days of her life around the accidental date of her husband out of order, able to imrpove things with her husband before his death, but it turns out her efforts to stop his death were the cause of his death.
The Proposal 2009 *+ Demanding and obnoxious woman executive marries secretary to solve visa problems....
The Preacher's Wife **+ Remake of 'The Bishop's Wife' with Whitney Houston in black neighborhood.  More current and better foundation.
Predestination 2014 **+ Time traveler assigned to block changes, becomes rogue, self fulfilling.
Presumed Innocent ** Prosecutor tried for killing ex-lover and another prosecutor.
The Princess Diaries 2001-2004 + Geeky high school girl in SF discovers she is princess of Ginovia.
Promised Land 2015 * Dramatization of the conflicts between environmentalists and energy companies to win access to natural gas in Pennsylvania.
The Prophecy (I and II) 2001 War between angels to avoid acoplypse, human angel child is prophesized.
Psycho 1960 *+ Killer of young women in Bates Motel is actually deranged young man who killed his mom and lover out of jealousy when he was a boy, now acts out his delusion.
Psycho 2 1983 * Norman released from asylum as was insane, now cured, but relatives of victims persecute him, driving him insane with twists about what is real, imagined.  His 'real' mom kills them to protect him, but he kills her.
Psycho 3 1986 * Norman 'real' mom is missing and reporter is snopping around, hires violent low life to find out more.  Norman's previous murder discovered and he strikes out against his 'real' mom who is actually his aunt who had killed his father.
The Purge 2013 * Annual day when people are laws suspended, violence allowed.  Wealthy family gets involved in purging of homeless man.
The Purge 2014 Anarchy * Annual day when people are laws suspended, violence allowed.  Government adds to purge.
The Purge: Election Year 2016 * Candidate runs for president opposing purge.
Python * Giant snake causes cargo plane to crash and escapes, terrorizes town.
Quantum of Solace (007) 2008 *+ Evil villian claims to be helping environment, Green, supports S. American despots for higher fees.
Quicksand, No Escape * B&W Working guy starts with small crime, but keeps getting in deeper (to murder he fears), but falls in love and lawyer gets down to a year, girl will wait.
Pulp Fiction *+ Odd surreal movie about drug trafficing.  You need to watch it nore than once to put it all together.  Too much needless cursing for my taste.
The Pursuit of Happiness 2007 * Black man with family has great problems, perseveres to become broker on Wall Street (overplayed, not very realistic).
Quest for Fire *** Movie about pre-historic encounters between Neanderthal and human cultures.
Race 2015 *+ Drama about Jesse Owens experiences as runner leading to German olympics under Hitler.
RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET 2018 * Animation of video game characters who have to get $27,001 on the internet or the girl is voided.
Rambo, First Blood Part 2 * Rambo sent to retrieve POW's in NV.
Ratchet and Clank 2016 * Computer animation of unlikely heros who fight to save the devastation of planets for their resources, become Galactic Rangers
Ray ** Story of blind black jazz artist (Ray Charles).  Struggles to become independent and dependencies of drug addiciton.
The Razor's Edge, Bill Murray 1984 * Bill Murray plays disillusioned WWI vet with wealthy background, turns away from shallow materialistic life and seeks spiritual enlightenment.  Nice adaptation of early book, but Bill Murray doesn't seem to have the divine balance of compassion and wisdom that I had imagined for his character.
The Reader 2009 **+ German boy has affair with older woman, they break up, she joins SS, later is on trial for war crimes.
RED ** Retired Extremely Dangerous (RED) CIA agents are targetted by CIA rogues, lots of fun action and explosions++ 
Red 2 2018 * Couple continues tracking down nuke assembled in Moscow in triple twist.
Red Corner 1997 ***+ Western sales rep trying to sell our media in China is framed for murder of Chinese woman.  Chinese woman lawyer defends him.
Redemption 2015 * Black young man in prison, was founder of LA gangs but earns redemption, speaks out against the violence and gangs but put to death anyway.
The Redwood Masacre 2014 ** Scottish take on Friday 13th movies, group of friends investigate legendary murders get trapped in legend.
The Remains of the Day * Life of English servants around WWII.
Replacing Dad + Saga of divorced mom, boring, predictable, and sterotyped.
Remember the Titans ** High school football team forced to integrate in the South.  Becomes champion team.
Return to Paradise **+ Friend charged with drug possesion in Malayasia will be hanged if friends don't go back and admit part of blame.
The Revenant 2016 * Drama about the trials of traders in the Dakotas in early 1800's.
Revenge ** Retired pilot falls in love with wife of powerful friend in Mexico.
Ricki and the Flash 2014 Drama about aging rock star (woman) and her dysfunctional family (kids and divorced husband).
The Ring 2002 *+ Cursed video tape kills whoever watches it.  Ghost of little girl drown in a well kills people seven days after they watch it unless they make a copy and someone else views it.
The Ring 2 2005 Tubi Follow on Japanese film with English sub titles about the continuation of the well and its curse.
Road Rage *+ Butterfly jewelry, loss of family in traffic accident causes man to flip out and stalk another family....
Road Trip * Low brow comedy about college kids on a road trip.
Rocketman 1998 + Computer nerd fills in on mission to Mars.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 ** Cult classic / rock opera about 50's couple stranded in transexual group led by alien who creates life, is arrested and executed. 
Roma 2018 * Drama of life of poor family in Mexico City
Room 2015 Lenny Abrahamson Drama about mother and five year boy who escape from a room where they have been held captive.g
Rosemary's Baby 1968 2000 * Young wife got pregnant by witches, bears devil as baby...
Rose Water 2015 * Drama about young man held in prison in Iran...
The Rover 2014 + Australian drama about collapsing society and drifter's response to having his car stolen by a gang and his quest to get his car back.
Rules of Engagement * Marine officer tried for shooing on crowd overseas during riot.
Run All Night 2015 * Washed out Irish mob enforcer helps his son get out of trouble and they become close.
Rumble In The Bronx * Classic chinese fighting movie in Bronx.  Interesting.
Sabotage 2015 *+ Mexican drug cartel kills family of lead DEA agent who then seeks vengeance, killing the cartel members who killed his family.
Safe House 2012 *+ Junior CIA operative assigned to maintain safehouse, gets senior CIA agent
Samba 2016 **+  French with English subtitles, romance about temporary social worker and French illegal alien (from Nigeria).
Sanctuary * Murderer stalks photographer after faking own death.
The Scarlet Letter *+ Historical novel from 1670's about affair of wife with lost husband and reverend.
Scent of Woman ** Blind retired Army officer becomes obnoxious drunkard.  Befriends prep school boy who cares for him Thanksgiving weekend.
The Scorpion King 2002 *+ Fun action film about assasin who gets caught up in phopecy of sorceress.
The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior 2008 Last hero sons becomes Black Scorpion Warrior and needs to avenge the murder of his father.
Scream **+  Pretty good horror movie about serial killer(s) in town/High School.
Scream2 *+ Moved to college.  A little predictable horror movie.
Seabiscuit *+ Various 'orphaned' people (and horse) come together to be winner horse during depression (underdog).
Searching for Sugar Man 2012 + Documentary of jazz musician.
The Secret Lives of Bees 2009 *** Young white girl runs away from abusive father (mom killed when leaving him) finds home with three black women running bee farm.
Secret Window 2005 *+ Complex variation on Stephen King novel, author divorces and is visited by strange cracker who claims he plagiarized his work, was actually a figment of his imagination used to kill his ex and others.
Serendipity 2000 ** Fun romance, couple meets by chance, really connect, but each already has bf/gf.  Leave meet again to chance but can't forget.  Each gets signs just before marrying others.  Very sweet.
Serenity 2005 ** Fun space adventure, interesting plot, continuation of Farscape, quiet girl wanted by Alliance, releases secret to populace
Serenity 2019 * Driven man searches for a particular tuna, learns is actually character in a game, creator changes rule to kill teen's abusive father....
Set It Off *+ Group of black women try to get their break by robbing banks.
Shall We Dance 1996 *** Sweet movie about unhappy Japanese accountant who takes up ballroom dancing after has crush on teacher.
Shanghai Triad * Chinese with subtitles, 1930's corruption, power play through eyes of boy from country
The Shawshank Redemption **+ Bank VP conviceted falsely for murder of wife, gets in with guards, etc..
She's All That ** My Fair Lady theme with unpopular teenage girl and bet between popular guys.
Shadow Dancer 2013 * Irish woman gets involved in terrorism, gets caught, becomes sort of informant
The Shadow Zone 2016 * Evil doll stills soul of teacher, boy must recover.
The Shape of Water 2018 * Deaf woman gets job at Air Force base with captured alien in the 50's.   Can't stand to see the alien tortured and treated so callously (as in the 50's), saves him and they fall in love....
Shark Attack 2 2000 * Struggling aquarium park rescues white shark, put on display, escapes, mutant white sharks grow rapidly and hunt in packs....
A Shine of Rainbows 2011 * Irish orphan adopted from orphanage, was small and stammerd.  New mom loves him but father is cold.  Mom dies but father and son loearn to love each other. 
The Shining 1980 Kubrick and 1997 King ** Hotel has evil spirits, inaccessible in winter, last caretaker kills family and self (cabin fever) but new caretaker has same problem.  Young boy defeats evil spirits (two versions)
Shoot 'Em Up 2007 ** Fun satire with horrendous plot to harvest stem cells from babies and bystander who is incredible shooter.
Showtime 2002 + Two cops become stars of new live cop show, track down manufacturer of super gun.
Sicario 2016 * Dark drama about U.S. law enforcement incursions into the drug / organized crime across the border in Mexico. 
Sicario: Day of the Soldado 2018 * Dark drama about U.S. law enforcement incursions into the drug / organized crime across the border in Mexico.  Kidnapped girl in Mexico.... 
Siddhartha 2013 India * Fictional drama about two saddhus in the time of the Buddha.  Remake of book.
Sideways 2005 * Two middle aged guys have a wine tasting trip.  Blah, blah, blah.
The Signs * Crop circles and other strange events protends alien invasion, hand to hand combat (no nukes), defeated via primitive methods...
Silence 2016 **+ Historical drama of Jesuit priests persecuted in Japan, very engaging.
The Silence of the Lambs 1991 ** Introduction to Hannibal and super villian murderer who helps stop serial killer but escapes for super tight security.
A Simple Favor 2018 *+ Married woman asks her best friend (single woman) to watch her son and then disappears, fakes her own death for insurance and weaves a web of deception, gets caught up on livesteam blog....
The Simpsons Movie *** Starts with satire of Itchy and Scratchy movie, can watch same thing at home for free.  homer and Bart play dare game, Homer covers sink hole with Maggie's sandbox, disposes of radioactive waste in lake, Springfield put in dome, Homer blamed.  Fmaily moves to Alaska.  Returns to save Springfield.
The Sixth Sense 1999 * Boy has a secret, he can see (and talk to dead people).  He talks to nice therapist and it turns out he is dead himself.
The Skeleton Twins 2015 + Depressing story about adult brother and sister who struggle with suicide, help each other through tough times
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 2004 *+ Sci Fi movie in the style of 1950 but more modern plot.
Skyfall 2012 **+ James Bond, previous MI6 agent is mad and comes back for retribution
Son of A Gun 2015 *+ Young man goes to prison and connects with serious criminal, out maneuvers all the betrayals, shares half.
Son of the Mask 2005 *+ Loki (norse god) created the mask but must find it before it causes more mischief.
Sleepless in Seattle *** Nice story about single man whose son goes on national talk radio show.
Sleepless 2017 + Undercover narcotics cop gets caught  up stolen drugs, his kid is kidnapped, complex plot to get the big guy.
Sling Blade *** Retarded man gets out of prison and then kills again.
Slum Dog Millionaire 2009 **+ Young man from slums gets on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' and wins.  Goes into his history and why he could answer so many correctly.
Skyscraper 2018 * Super tall skyscraper is target of terrorists who set it on fire and override emergengy systems.
Small Soldiers * Toy soldiers with military hardware really go to war.
Smashed 2012 + Couple struggles with alcoholism, wife is second grade teacher, loses job, they hit botttom and struggle back to life divorced.
Snake Eyes **+ Normally corrupt cop investigates assination and develops morals...
Snowden 2016 - Dramatization of Snowden life within the intelligence community and events leading up to his leak to WikiLeaks.
Solace 2017 **+ Police pschycic finds serial killer / savior who stops future suffering, is changed into savior himself
Somersby *+ Soldier comes back from civil war changed man.  Much kinder,... Is it different person.
Somewhere In Time ***+ Playwright falls in love with old picture of actress, goes back in time to find love.
The Song of the Sea 2016 * Animated, sea elves need help of half human half sea elf daughter / sister, song of the sea restores order, 
Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 ** Back story for sonic coming from another planet and staying in hiding, Jim Carey as Robotnic. 
Sophie's Choice *+ Explores sorrows of people as they get on with their lives after holocaust.  Sohpie has to choose which of her children to give up.
Source Code 2013 *+ Man 'wakes' in a different body and has eight minutes which he can relive to find who set the bomb.  Learns he is soldier crippled in combat and living in alternate universe
Southpaw 2015 *+ Fighter's wfe is killed, loses control, loses daughter, straightens out and wins back championship
Space Cowboys * Early astronauts-to-be get chance to go up in space shuttle to repair failing old Soviet satellite.
Space Jam 1996 * Fun movie with some animated characters about alien invading and adventures in space for basketbell player.
Spare Parts 2015 *+ Kids in Hispanic high school compete in underwater robotics and win despite low budget, etc..
Spawn ** Epic good versus evil adventure about assisin losing soul...  Cool graphics.
The Spetacular Now 2013 + Alcoholic teen has rebound romance, gets new girlfirend to drink, finally faces problems of divorced parents and alcoholic father.
Spice World *+ Fun movie about making of a movie about the Spice Girls
Spiderman (1) 2002 High school student is unpopular nerd, gets bitten by special spiders, becomes Spiderman
Spiderman 2 2004 * Spiderman's life is a wreck and he is losing his powers, gives up being Spiderman and life is good.  Octopus man runs rampant, ...  dvd failed...
Spiderman 3 2007 * Over the top and long, Parker doing well but then fights triple evil opponents, sandman (from scintific experiment gone worng), black alien symbiote,and old nemesis who changes sides, helps Parker / Spiderman.  Hard to follow.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2018 * Animation of multiple spider men / women in different universes and introducing a black teen Spiderman.
Spider-man: Far from Home 2018 * Five year blip and spiderman is in universe five years later, travels to Europe, fights super villian.
Spirited Away ** Japanese animation about girls adventure in the spirit world.  Light and fun.
Split 2017 * Movie about Mulitple Personality Disorder patient who kidnaps three girls, kills therapist.  Sad fiction.
Spotlight 2015 ** Dramatization of newspapers efforts to uncover the Catholic churches molestation coverup.
Spy - Mellisa McCarthy 2015 *+ Fun comedy about CIA overweight woman analyst needs to go undercover against super villian, knows all known agents.
Spy Game *+ Complex intrigues of CIA agent captured in China, being abandoned....
Spy Kids * Boy and girl discover their parents are spies and have to save them.  Classical kids fantasy.
The Spy Who Shagged Me * Austin Powers satire of James Bond movies.  OK if you like that genre.
A STAR IS BORN 2018 * Womam singer is courted by famous singer, becomes famous as they fall in love....
Star Trek 2009 ** Nice intro where time travel creates alternate reality with new cast.  A little over the top with casts's origins.
Star Trek: Beyond 2016 * Universe at risk from attack by numerous drones, seeking ancient artifact / weopon,
Star Wars 1, (4) ** A New Hope 1977 - 2004, Luke joins rebellion, destroys Deathstar.
Star Wars 2, (5) ** The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 2006 Luke battles with Empire, finds out Darth Vader is his father.
Star Wars 4 (1) The Phantom Menace 1999 *+ Trade embargo by corporation of Naboo.  Jedi knights fight and defeat a Sith (knight of the dark side).  Viceroy and evil trade federation defeated, but new powerful Chancellor elected for Republic.
Star Wars 5 (2) Attack of the Clones 2002 *+ Robot army attacks Republic, army of clones defeats them, not really a victory.
Star Wars 6 (3) Revenge of the Sith 2005 ** Aikin turns to the dark side to save the life of his love, but loses her anyway and becomes Sith lord, Darth Vader, father of Luke and Leila.  Chancellor masterminded all the wars and the destruction of the Jedis and becomes emperor.
Star Wars 7 ** The Force Awakens 2015: Luke and Hans return as new Order tries to destroy the Republic.
Star Wars 8 Rogue One 2016 * Backstory for defects in Deathstar.
Star Wars 3 Return of the Jedi 1983 * 2006 After story for Leah fighting empire.
Star Wars 9 The Last Jedi 2017 * End of battle, birth of new resistance.
Star Wars 10 The Rise of Skywalker 2019 *+ Luke Skywalker faces trails as Darth Vaders replacement.
Stargate * Initial discovery of Stargate as in TV series Stargate 1.
Stargate: Continuum 2015 *+ 2nd movie continuation of the TV series.
Starship Troopers + OK graphics, very uninteresting plot.
Steve Jobs 2015 ** Bio of Steve Jobs and his path.
Stuart Little 3 - 2006 * Stuart goes on camping trip with family, encounters huge beast....
Suffragette 2016 *+ Dramatization of the suffraget movement in England.
Suicide Squad 2016 * Group of criminals with superpowers recruited to fight super villians along side elite soldiers.
Super 8 2011 * Teens make movies using Super 8 camera but uncover alien held captive by military and rescue alien.
The Sure Thing *+ Two college students at first annoy each other but fall in love with each other on a trip to CA.
Survivor 2015 * Space dwelling humans abandon Earth with polution, etc, try penal colony but abandon it.   Escape pod lands on Earth and encounters hostiles....
Suspect Zero 2005 * Rogue ex FBI agent uses 'remote viewing' to track down serial killers, lead normal FBI agents to major serial killer.
The Straight Story 2000 * Old 'Geezer' drives lawn mower pulling trailer from Iowa to Wisconsin to see estranged brother who had stroke.
Stranger Than Fiction *** Character  from novel (IRS auditor) being written interacts with author.  Chooses own death for right ending, but lives anyway, book modified.
Sweet Home Alabama * Woman fashion designer gets engaged, needs to sort out past in Alabama.
Swingers 1999 - A couple of mechanical aliens come to Earth to seek to control their ancient artifact, the cube.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 2011 * Decepticons space ship finds Earth, convinces Earth to get Autobots to leave, then starts to take over, but Autobots had not left....
The Tree of Life 2011 - Random scenes from family starting with tragedy then going back and skipping around, many artistic scenes, not very engaging.
Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell * Action / monster attacks from underground, previously desert now ocean and artic ice.  Light sort of thriller. 
Third Person 2014 + Complex dramatization of lives / loves in Rome, Paris
The Truman Show: The Story **** About character who lives entire life on live TV show.
The Truth About Cats and Dogs **** Radio talk show woman with self-esteem issues about her appearance finds love.
Trpy 2004 * Dramaization of Iliad, Achilles and Helen of Troy.
The Trust 2016 * Dark drama about disillusioned police detectives in Las Vegas who decide to steal fortune from the mob, but increasingly betray their values and end up getting killing each other (one) and then getting killed themself.
Tusk 2014 * Dark comedy, serial killer kidnaps web blogger and uses surgery to make him into a walrus.  Really bizarre.
Uncut Gems 2019 + Shady characters move opals from Ethiopa to NYC, very much in the 'what's in it for me' life.
Under the Skin 2014 + Strange artistic movie about woman who encounters people and uses them, then becomes victim herself.
Underground ** Ancient war between vampires and werewolves, both descended one person, found off spring who can be both.
Unfaithful * Working wife in NYC suburb has torrid affair, it comes out, husband kills lover, couple goes back to old life.
Unfinished Business 2015 * Employee leaves business, starts his own, hires old guy and new guy, seek deal in Germany, get deal.
An Unremarkable Life * Two elderly sisters grow apart when the spinster finds romance.
Unsane 2018 * Young woman is stalked but is checked into mental facility against her will, terrorized by her stalker and no one believing her, making money off her insurance.
The Usual Suspects ** Interesting movie about super criminal who always avenges.  Interesting.
The Take 2016 * Complex action drama about bomb used to create terror to pull off heist of French Federal Reserve, mostly in French with sub titles.
Trading Places ** Variation on My Fair Lady, commodity traders substitute trader for street criminal
Trade 2008 In spanish with subtitles.  About girl in Mexico who is kidnapped and put in sex trade.
Trumbo 2015 ** Hollywood writer black listed in cold war because he was communist.
Universal Soldier 2 & 3 2002 Process to revive dead to create soldiers, attempt to take over using zombie soldiers 
Vacation * 2015 NationAhal Lampoon satire of American family vacation in station wagon.
Valentine : the dark avenger 2019 + New avenger is woman....
Valkyrie 2008 * Dramatization of plot to assasinate Hitler before end of WW2.
In a Valley of Violence 2016 *+ Loner headed to Mexico after killing many in Army harrassed by bad men who kill his dog and try to kill him.  He kills bad men and stays in town.
Vampires: Low Muertos 2002 * Hunters for vampires, tracing cure to vampire bite.  Pretty fun.
Van Helsing 2004 *+ 007 satire of vampire hunter / weirwolf in medieval Europe.
Vanilla Sky *** Follows demise of irresponsible playboy, only to discover ending was a lucid dream after being frozen, finds love?
Vantage Point 2007 * Drama about terrorists attempts to assasinate the president.
Venom 2011 - Mother and daughter stranded in desert, criminals crash helocopter in same desert, mom kills snake with her car, gets scent on her boot, snake follows her for revenge, other snakes attracted by mating scent.
Very Bad Things - Vegas bachelor party goes very bad, prostitute killed accidentally, hotel security guard killed in cover up, brother, wife ... bride beats up best man, wedding must go on ...
Vice 2015 **+ Artificial life forms live in facility where people can act out their fantasies, one artificial becomes self aware and escapes...
The Visitors 2014 - Strange shots of faces, places.
Vital Signs * Drama about life of pre-meds in third year.
The Voices 2015 - Dark comedy about nice guy who has mental illness, hears voices, doesn't take meds, ends up killing two women, dies when arrested.
Wag The Dog ** President up for re-election produces fake war to distract from indiscretions.
A Walk Among the Tombstones 2015 Alcoholic ex-gangster tracks down a couple of kidnappers who always kill their victim whether they are paid or not.
Walk in the Woods 2015 * Two retired guys walk the Applachain Trail
Waking The Dead * young liberal politician is haunted by memories (and more?) or dead radical wife.
War Dogs 2017 * Story about two young men who get into arms dealing and finally get caught.
Warcraft 2016 **+ Fun movie about the great gate drama which preceded Warcraft.
Water 2005 *** Child widow in India in 1938 sent to Ashram, makes friends with other widows, one who supports ashram as whore ...
The Water Horse of the Deep 2007 * Boy finds magical egg which grows into magical creature during WW2
The Wedding Date 2005 * Drama about trials of young singles and wedding date.
The Wedding Planner * Romance about wedding planner who meets and falls in love with fiance of client (not known at time)....
We're No Angels 1955 * Three convicts escape on Devil's island in 1895.  Plan to rob nice family, end up helping them...
What About Bob ** Psyche patient stalks therapist and finally gets better....
What Dreams May Come **+ Robin Williams - Man in heaven finds soul mate in heaven.
What Happened, Miss Simone? 2015 - Documentary of the life of a black activist singer.
What Lies Beneath * Wife of university professor haunted by ghost (of ex-lover and student killed by professor)...
What They Had 2018 + Drama about people dealing with the problems of aging.
Whats Love Got To Do With It 1993 *+ Dramatization of the life of Tina Turner.
When Calls the Heart 2014 * Drama about life in the West similar to House in the Prairie.
When did you last see your father 2007 + Recollections of childhood and relationship with British dad, affairs, etc..
When Good Ghouls Go Bad **  Spoof on scary movies, fire flies allow zombies to fulfil deeply held wishes, nerd gets vengeance on bully.
When in Rome 2010 *+ Fun comedy about romance, woman seeking love gets fed up, takes coins from fountain, all men who threw coins fall in love with her.
Where Eagles Dare * Old school action / thriller / mystery drama about German double agent in MI6 in WW2 and intrigue twisting plot to uncover him.
While We're Young 2015 + Middle Aged couple (35) meets younger couple (25) and sorts through values.
While You Were Sleeping **** Subway token woman saves man in coma on tracks, then integrates herself into his family.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 2016 *+ Female reporter goes to Afghanistan, meets challenges.
White Chicks * Two young black FBI agents go it alone, babysit two white chicks to catch kidnappers.  They impersonate the girls.  Lots of wacky scenes, but the guys learn to sympathize with the problems of their girls.
The White Countess 2006 * Drama about wealthy foreigners in China just before Japanese invade in WWII.
Wide Awake * Catholic boy tries to find God.
Widows 2018 * Widows of organized crime get on with their lives.
THE WIFE 2018 + Drama about old husband and wife, husband gets Nobel prize for literature but wife ghost wrote for him, not creditted.
Wild Card 2015 *+ P.I. avoids trouble, but takes on Vegas
Wild Target 2011 ** Fun comedy about a professional assasin who falls in love with his target, a wild free woman thief.
Wind River 2017 * Dramatization of a murder in winter on indian reservation.
Winchester 2018 * Drama about 
Wing Commander 1999 *+ Based on 1990 computer game in space.  Simple formulaic
Win Win 2011 ** Lawyer takes on guardianship of elderly man, needs money.  Gets involved with grand kid, mom / daughter is drug addict.  Kid is great wrestler....
With Honors 1999 *+ Harvard student loses thesis, found by bum who trades pages for favors, they become close...
Without A Paddle 2005 * Crass comedy similar to Dumb and Dumber, but with better plot about canoeing down river seeking treasure.
The Witch 2016 *+ Complex dramatization of aspects of the salem witch trials.
Witness 2005 ** Amish child witnesses murder of undercover policeman.  Identifies murderer as high level policeman.  They go into hiding in Amish town as local police to corrupt.  Finally have shoot out in town.
The Witness 2017 + Documentary of woman who was killed with 38 witnesses but no one called the police.
Wolf 2014 (not watched)  Netherlands gangster movie, looks OK, subtitles.
Wolf of Wall Street 2013 * Jordon makes fortune 'pump and dump' penny stocks.  Gets rich but FBI investigates, turns states evidence.
Wonder Woman 2017 * Fun action movie about amazons and their return to world in WWI to fight Greek god of war.
X-Men * Mutants with super powers fight, one group to avoid war with humans, another to win it (as inevitable).
XXX: Return of Xander Cage 2017 * Pandora's Box is a doomsday device to hijack weoponized satellites as team must track down supervillian.
Yanks * U.S. soldiers in England in 1942 form relationships with locals.
Yes Man 2009 ** Jim Cary, lawyer cursed so he always has to tell the truth
XXX: Return of Xander Cage 2017 *+ Pandora's box is device to bring down satellites and destroy cities, XXX team activated to stop them.
The Young Messiah 2015 + Boring and predictable dramatization of the life of Jesus as a child.  Assumes classical biblical references.
Your Friends and Neighbors - Yucky film about sex and dissatisfaction....
Zathura 2006 * Kids play sapce adventure game that becomes reality.
Zero Dark Thirty 2012 **+ Dramatization of tracking and killing of Osama bin Laden.
Zombieland 2017 * Dark comedy about post apocalypse zombie
Zombieland Double Tap 2019 * Zombies evolve and get smarter and tougher, continues to Little Rock and Graceland.
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