Run installation as usual and when you get to the cd
key part, take note of the format of the key. mine was
Then just restart.... by hitting the cancel button.
Then start up in SAFE MODE
(I don't remember the key for that sorry)
After some time it SHOULD start up. Then goto Start
then run and enter regedit.
Do a search for product key or cd key with all 3 check
boxes checked.
This is where I'm fuzzy.... You should keep hitting F3
until you find a folder with a lot of things in it....
3 of which you are looking for....
something like :
--The other two  are bsically what is entered AFTER the cd
key part, in the installation, which are the name of
your business, and the name of the owner. 
Business usuer (or something similar)
registered user(The owner basically)
Change the cd key string to anything that matches the
format you carefully took note of earlier.
Then change the string for the other 2. Be creative if
you like...."Briancorp" and "Brian Carr". Then just
exit and restart the computer and it should skip the
product key and just start up. Let me know if you need
this cleared up a bit..... lol